Lately, I have been obsessed with fashion. When I was a kid, I wanted to be a fashion designer, and now, with Project Runway in its second season, and blogs like Go Fug Yourself and Manolo, and access to sites like this and this, I can indulge this obsession as much as I please. (Keep in mind that this indulgence is not happening anywhere near my actual body. My wardrobe is almost entirely Gap and Old Navy, because I have neither the money nor the figure for the clothes I really want, nor the patience required to overcome the first two problems.) Also, something happened (I can’t remember what) in early November of 2004 that made me prefer staring at pretty things rather than thinking about the state of the country or the world.

In this veing, my current obsession is the Dolce & Gabbana Spring 2006 collection. See, for example, the photo at right and above.

Is it not exquisite? Is it not (to borrow a phrase from Michael Kors on an episode of Project Runway*) “deliciously girly,” while, at the same time, glamourous, sexy, and sophisticated, as well?

Of course, one could argue that it is not exactly wearable. But actually, I sort of disagree. I mean, if one happens to not be a six-foot tall runway model, one might want to forgo the exposed lines of underwear and stocking top, and instead wear a demure slip. Still, one would need to be confident of one’s shoulders and arms, but that’s true of any strapless dress, and certainly, strapless dresses are worn by many. If one is less than confident, one could wear a shrug.

Or, what about this one?

Totally wearable! For non-sticks and sticks alike! And it’s actually really hard to find beautiful clothing that could be worn by non-sticks, but isn’t positively screaming, “No, seriously, fat girls can wear me! Fat girls! Over here!” And being modelled by a “plus” size-eight model.

They’ve also put out some lovely suits that would look good on anyone:

Who wouldn’t look good in those? Though the Everywoman – or really, any tastefully dressed woman operating in real life as opposed to on the runway – should probably choose a nice shell rather than a black lace bra to wear under the suits. Just a thought.

Not that wearability is a necessary standard for gorgeous and fun and sexy and girly, as these designs are. Check out these:

If you want to see the whole collection, click here or here. (If you click on the second one, and read the runway review, I just want to say, I’m confused, too. First of all, it’s not red, it’s hot pink, right? And second, bosomy?)

Enjoy! Perhaps something more serious will come up next time.

* Though he was not, actually, using the phrase in the positive, but rather to describe what a certain losing outfit was not. For more on that, see here.


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