As Long as I’m Here

I thought I’d share a funny story I heard last week from one of my classmates. He was getting a haircut, and the hair person was I guess a fairly intense Christian. She was asking about his classes, and he told her he was in Introduction to the Hebrew Bible (which I am in as well). The hair person asked if the class was mixed faith and he said yes, mentioning he had a friend in the class (me) who was Jewish. She asked if I had ever taken a class on the New Testament.* When he confirmed that I had, she said, eyes wide with wonder, “And she wasn’t converted? How could that be?”

*Do we still call it the New Testament if we don’t call it the Old Testament anymore? Do we call it the Latin Bible? Or the Christian Bible? I don’t know. Even that would be complicated, because Protestants and Catholics put the books in a different order. I think.


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