I’m Back

I’ve decided to start blogging again, and hopefully I’ll have the time to do so regularly.

Most of the time I will be blogging about Zoe things, since that comprises 99% of my time and energy, but today, just for fun, I will blog about something else.
I turned on the Rachel Maddow show last night, which I Tivo and try to watch every day, although I am not frequently successful at it. The first thing I heard was that Senate Democrats have decided not to extend Medicare to people under 55 after all. The tiny, miniscule nothing of a move they were going to make toward a public option, they’ve decided not push through. And folks, I think I have fucking had it.
Democrats have a supermajority in the Senate, right? Barack Obama got elected with elevendy trillion percent of the vote? He brought in huge Democrat majorities to federal and state governments? This all happened, right? Then why the fuck can the Democrats not get shit done? The extreme right wing of the Republican party held the government for eight years, and even without the enormous popularity and huge majorities, even with the fact that nobody even liked them, they managed to get shit done all the time!
So I’m done. I’m starting a new party. It will be called the Get Shit Done Party. Okay, maybe not. Maybe it will be called the Backbone Party. And we will support things that are actually quite popular in Real America, as opposed to the America that exists in the heads of politicians and television news outlets, like single-payer government health care, pouring money into schools, public spaces and infrastructure projects, and opting not to go to war whenever such an option is available.
And when we SWEEP the 2012 election, it will because we will promise this: to GET SHIT DONE. Here’s how it will work. We will announce three policy initiatives a month. Congress then has that month to get all three things DONE. At the end of the month, if Congress is still quibbling about corporations want this and abortion that and for godsakes look out for the scary scary socialism, then we will issue an Executive Order and that’s all.
Who’s with me?

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