Already an Addenda!

I forgot about “Whee!” and “A-Boom!”

Also, I think she says “Swish!” which is what I say when I successfully throw her diaper into the garbage can in the garage, and “Catch!” I’m not positive about “Catch!” because I don’t recall that either Jason or I say it to her much, but she is using it in the appropriate context. That is, she says it when she’s about to throw something at one of us. So that counts, right?
Does it count if she makes the same sound in the same context, even it it’s not a word we recognize? Like, she hands me a book and says, “En.” It’s always very clear, but I don’t know what it means, except that clearly it means, “Read me this book now.” But none of those words sound like “En,” and she knows the word “book.”

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