Exciting Zoe Development

So I don’t know if this behavior is on a chart or anything, but this week I have noticed a sharp increase in Zoe’s ability and desire to imitate what others are doing around her. At Gymnastics, during circle time, for the first time, she followed the teacher when the teacher banged on the floor (for Thunder!) and stopped when she said “Freeze!” Then when the teacher brought out sticks for the kids to bang together, Zoe banged them in the manner the teacher was demonstrating – together, end-to-end, on the floor. At Hebrew School yesterday, she imitated the dance moves to “Not By Might,” holding her hands up to her mouth for “the children sing” and raising her hands above her head when we sang “will rise” just like everyone else was doing. This doesn’t sound like much, I guess, but I thought it was pretty cool to see, especially since she’s been going to Gymnastics and Hebrew School for over a year and it was just like watching switch turn on.


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