Glee Wishlist, Season 2

I thought since they gave me so much of what I wanted the first time I printed something like this, I’d try again!

1. The song-to-story ratio in The Power of Madonna was perfect. Can we have more episodes like that?

2. Could we have a couple of episodes that are going to be Artie-centric, or at least giving him a good B-plot, open with a dream sequence of him dancing?

3. Somehow, Idina Menzel and Kristen Chenowith need to meet and share a duet of some kind.

4. Jessalyn Gilsig needs some reason to still be involved. And her sister. Couldn’t the red-headed monster children want to start, like, a junior Glee Club or something? Maybe led by Puck and Quinn?

5. Please either drop the jocks picking on gleeks thing or explain it better. Of the 12 members of Glee Club, five are now or have been Cheerios, and five are now or have been football players. Even as it stands now, there are two Cheerios and four jocks – half the club. Also, we only ever see Kurt and Finn get harassed. And Finn is the captain. Are Puck and Mike and Matt getting harassed? If so, why don’t we see it?

6. Can we see Rachel’s dads already? How are they the stage fathers we’ve been set up to expect, when they never show up to her performances, can’t help her out with a Lady Gaga outfit, and don’t even appear when she finds her birth mother?

The truth is, that’s all I’ve really got, because I’ve mostly given up on coherent plots or consistent characterization, so if each episode is just a series of excuses to introduce song and dance numbers, that’s fine with me. Let’s just also look for excuses to get Puck out of his shirts. Thanks!


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