Well, it’s finally happened. My own coming-of-age years are now retro fashion. I’m not even thirty! And yet, as we all know, the famous “It’s a dress!” “Says who?” “Calvin Klein.” “It looks like underwear. Go put something on over it.” “Duh, I was just going to!” dress from Clueless is being reissued by Calvin Klein. And this month’s Elle features fashion inspired by Kurt Cobain & Courtney Love, Empire Records, and Reality Bites. On the one hand, I feel very, very old. On the other hand – I can wear flannel shirts and Doc Martens this winter, right? This can’t be one of those “If you were the right age for the trend the first time, you’re too old the second time” things, because it’s the opposite of revealing. Right? It’s entirely possible I still HAVE my Doc Martens.


One thought on “Retro

  1. RebLeah18 says:

    We are SO not too old. We were pre-teens when it came around the first time. We can wear it this time. I still have a flannel shirt from when I was 15, though my gay friends told me I am not allowed to wear it out of the house.

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