Zoe Went Peepee in the Potty!

She’s such a big girl!

Now, some will accuse me of trying to claim that she’s potty-trained now at 22 months old. No such thing. Also, some will be expecting me to really push potty-training on her now. Also not happening.

The truth is, I really wasn’t expecting this. She’s always been “interested” in the potty and so we bought a potty chair and a potty insert. She prefers the insert so she can sit in the same place Mommy sits; the potty chair I think she just considers a regular chair. So especially lately, she’s been very insistent on sitting on the potty insert and the truth is that I hate this activity because it means I have to sit on the floor in the bathroom for up to half an hour (at which point I lose patience and drag her out, as I did this afternoon) and it’s not pleasant or comfortable but I can’t leave her because a) she might fall, and b) she definitely will pull out all of the toilet paper and shove it in the toilet. So tonight she made a stinky and I went to change her and once she was clean, she asked to sit on the potty. So I let her. And lo and behold, not five minutes later – PEEPEE!

So now I will make these unpleasant trips to the bathroom more frequently to give her lots more opportunities. But we’re not officially “potty-training” yet.

Want more cute Zoe things? How about these:

– She lies back on the couch arm and demands kissing. Best. Game. Ever!
– She puts my hands on her cheeks and says, “So happy!”
– She has started wishing us “Congratulations” all the time.
– Today at Old Navy, she chatted with the mannequins, hugged the toddler-sized mannequin, tried to touch the “daddy” mannequin, petted the doggie mannequin, and danced to the music in the store. So cute.
– She takes my books and “reads” them, repeating “ajah book” as she does so and then sometimes making up what the book says and reading it in a very “story-telling” kind of voice.
– She gives me this big grin and says, “Precious!”

In general, she continues to be the most awesome creature ever.


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