Cute Zoe Things

My goodness, it’s difficult to list them all, as usual.

Today, she asked to have a necklace put on.  Once it was on, she informed me that she was sixteen years old, and not a child.  I believe it’s a line from The Little Mermaid.  Boy, am I in trouble.

A few weeks ago, she saw me putting on make-up in the car.  (I wasn’t driving.)  She asked what I was doing and I told her.  When I was finished, I said, “There.  Do I look pretty?” and she said, “No, do some more!”

She climbed to the top of the playground this week at preschool and then announced “I did it!”  She looked extremely thrilled with herself.

She has become even more huggy and kissy lately.  She even demands “smishing,” which is what I call it when I kiss and tickle her all over.  And she continues to play with my hair and tell me I’m byoo-a-ful and soooo pretty.  She did that to her buddy the other day, too.

When she put on her outfit for Rosh Hashannah services, she declared that she looked “byoo-a-ful” and also said, “I’m cuuuuute.”

I wrote about this on Twitter, but a couple of weeks ago we were watching the Daily Show and Bill Clinton came on.  I told her Bill Clinton used to be president, just like Barack Obama is now president.  She said, “President?  Oh.  I be president.”  I said, “You’re going to be president?” and she gave that firm nod and said, “Yeah.”

Yesterday when she woke up from her in-car nap she said, “I’m a princess.”

She likes to explain the plot of Sleeping Beauty to anyone who will listen, going into detail about the “evil witch” and the “fairies” and “killed the princess” and “Prince Phillip.”

She also sings more and more.  Her favorites right now are “Out There” from Hunchback of Notre Dame (with which she is obsessed) and the two songs from Sleeping Beauty – “I Know You” and the sort of “Hail to the Princess” song they sing in the beginning.  Only she changes the words to that one a lot.  She might hail characters in the movie, like Aurora (the princess, but she prefers to use her Christian name) or the fairies, or sometimes she just likes to hail the woman, and sometimes Mommy and Daddy get hailed, too.


One thought on “Cute Zoe Things

  1. Leah says:

    So cute! You should totally start taking her to children’s concerts at whatever orchestra is closest to you. She is totally musically inclined (and “I Know You,” is actually from the Tchaikofsky ballet of Sleeping Beauty).

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