Amazing Zoe!

Today, she took out this book her Grandma Lisa made for her, with some pictures of her family and a whole bunch of astrological information about Zoe.  The picture on the inside front cover is of her and me a few minutes after she was born.  Zoe insisted that she would read to me.  I was expecting her to recite the first line of the book she has of Disney’s Hunchback of Notre Dame, which is what she usually does when she “reads,” which itself I think is a sign that she is a genius.  (“Once upon a time in the city of Paris, a young man lived in the bell tower of Notre Dame . . .”)  But today she showed herself to be even more of a genius!  She opened to the inside front cover and then, pointing at the picture, said, “Once upon a time, a Zoe was loved by Mommy!”  Oh my gosh!   She’s brilliant, right?  I should have her tested by Mensa or something?


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