An Anecdote, Unrelated to Anything

I have been watching Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip on Netflix Instant Queue, mainly because I like bemoaning its lost potential.  And because West Wing is not available in the Instant Queue.  A line I saw tonight reminded me of a story, which I only share with you in case it amuses you a little.

In the episode, an old man is found wandering the halls.  Turns out he used to write for the radio show predecessor to the show-within-a-show.  He discusses his colleagues with the show’s main characters, mentioning one of them liked political humor, which the network, “at that time,” was not comfortable with.  And the two main characters laugh at the “at that time” because of course, they are also having problems with the network not liking their politics.

This reminded me of when I was in London a few years ago with my father, his British girlfriend, my husband, and my brother.  We went on a tour of Buckingham Palace and on the tour I noticed a portrait of a woman and many children that was not labeled.  I asked one of the uniformed staff who it was and she told me it was one of the actress-mistresses of a king.  I am reasonably sure it was someone connected to Charles II, but I’m not finding anything to back me up on that.  Anyway, the staff person said something to the effect of, “It would have been very scandalous in those days for the king to marry an actress.”  And I snorted and said, “Yeah.  Everyone would be thrilled if Prince William took up with an actress now.”  And she sort of made a face at me, but it’s not like I’m wrong.


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