In Other News,

Zoe continues to be awesome.

1. She and her dad like to squirt water guns at each other pre-shower.  The other night, Zoe took her water gun into the shower, closed the glass door most of the way, then squirted her gun out of the narrow slot she’d created – in other words, she came up with one of the classic defenses in war.  Awesome.

2. Today she was mitchering me to do something with her and I said, “Zoe, I’m going to make cookies now.”  She goes, “Cookies?  Oh, cookies!” and turns me around and starts pushing me towards the kitchen.  “Go!  Make cookies!”

3. She also danced to the a capella version of Backstreet Boys’ I Want it That Way on The Sing-Off.  It was pretty cute.

4. I haven’t mentioned her Smish game.  “Smishing” is when I kiss her and nuzzle her all over, very quickly.  But what she does for the game is, she screams out, “Smish, Mommehhhhh!” and then runs away and I have to chase her all around the house for a long time.  I rarely get to actually smish her during this game, but it’s still fun watching her floppy run and her sly smiles and hearing her shrieks and giggles.

5. When she does something I don’t like, she immediately hugs and kisses me and says, “I love you, Mommy,” and it’s clear that this is an active effort to get me off her case.

6. We saw Tangled together, and then the next day my grandfather asked her about the horse in the movie, Max, and if he was green with yellow polka dots.  So now the main thing she’ll say about seeing Tangled is “Max is a WHITE horse.”

7. Last night I played Whiz-Bong* with my Hebrew school kids, and Zoe was CRACKING UP through the whole thing.

8. When I told her someone was coming over to play today, she said, “Daddy?”

9. She asks me to pretend to sleep, with the snore sound accompanied with a high-pitched “Mememememeh,” and then she shouts at me, “Wake up!”

10.  When you ask for a kiss, she puckers up really big, and then comes over to you, so she’s walking across the entire room with the big puffed up lips.

11.  She has gotten even more affectionate, very generous with the kisses and hugs, and doesn’t even need to be asked sometimes.  Today during snack at preschool, the teacher was lighting the candles (for Shabbat, which I know is tomorrow, but they don’t have class tomorrow, so they do Shabbat today) and singing about the Ima lighting the candles, and Zoe pulled my face to hers and gave me her crinkled up smile (her I’m-smiling-at-you smile, rather than her I’m-happy smile, if you understand what I mean) and kissed my cheek.  It was pretty awesome.

12. She quotes Disney movies and songs an awful lot.  When she’s trying to coax you to do something, she goes, “C’mon.  C’mon, little fella.  I’m not going to hurt you,” as Aladdin says to the magic carpet when they discover it in the Cave of Wonders.  Also from Aladdin, she’s fond of saying, “Not right now, I don’t think so,” which the genie says at some point.  And lately, she takes a hand towel, throws it over her head, and sings, “No, sir.  Not me.  I guarantee it,” a la Belle, singing about how she will not be marrying Gaston.

13. I don’t even know how to write about the amazing cuteness of her facial expressions and movements, of the way she concentrates so hard sometimes, on the way her lips look when she says, “Lady Gaga,” or her floppy run, or the confidence in her voice when she tells you things or asks for things.  She’s just too much.

Update: I forgot a couple of things.

14. She calls many things “special” or “very special,” but it’s her delivery that says it.  She says it really slow, in a stage whisper, with accompanying hand motions and facial expressions that suggest that she is a magician about to perform a great trick.

15. She has taken to telling people, “Here.  Help yourself,” before basically forcefeeding them.  I got that treatment last night with grapes.

16. When we went to the Botanic Gardens for the Winter Wonderland stuff, she kept going, “Mommy!  Look at this place/all this stuff!  I never seen!”

*If you don’t know what Whiz-Bong is, and you care, ask me about it sometime.


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