Okay, now I do feel bad.

I listened to this interview with Amy Chua and I was too judgmental in my post yesterday.  I do think that you have to parent like the person that you are and Chua is obviously doing that.  I also think that it takes a lot of guts to put your parenting style up for public scrutiny the way she has and that people (like me) shouldn’t judge.  And maybe the tone that was set for the piece in the WSJ with the headline, “Why Chinese Mothers are Superior,” which Amy Chua probably did not write. It sounds like her book is more memoir-ish than instructive.

And some of the stuff she says is pretty good.  I do like the thing about nothing being fun until you’re good at it.  And I do not like telling children that something they do is wonderful when it’s not.  Although I feel the point should be telling children THEY are wonderful to you, whether what they do is wonderful or not.  But she goes a different route and who am I to say I’m right and she’s wrong?


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