What Zoe Has Been Up To Lately

This isn’t going to be all adorable stuff, although, of course, since it’s Zoe, it’s got a strong shot of adorableness in it.

1. She’s very invested in emotions lately.  If I get upset with her, or even if I just don’t look cheerful at the moment (because I’m concentrating on something, or lost in thought), she gives me hugs and says, “You’re getting happy!  You’re happy, Mommy!”  She also discusses the emotions and states of being of other people, like observing that Jasmine is sad and crying while watching Aladdin, or that Daddy is sick, or getting sick, when she hears him cough.  I know that this is awesome, but sometimes I get a little bit worried.  Like, she’ll be throwing a fit over something, and then she’ll look up and, still sort of weepy, go, “I’m happy!  I’m fine!”  I don’t know if I should be worried about this or what.  I guess not; it’s not like she ever refrains from crying or screaming if she’s upset about something.

2. Along the same lines, she is very interested in who likes what and why.  When she wants to put on a movie, for instance, she’ll state that she likes that movie, and then ask if I like it, and then mention that Daddy likes it, even if Daddy is not in the room.  When people are eating, she is always asking if we like our food, and talks about whether or not she likes her food.  She’ll say that she likes a certain activity or book or color, and then ask and/or state my liking of the same object.  Last night, she wanted to put on Despicable Me, and we told her Grandma Lisa (who was at our house at the time) doesn’t like that movie, and she said, “Despicable Me is funny!” like she was trying to convince her to like it.  Pretty interesting.

3. By the way, “movies” are “noovies”.

4. Hoods on a jacket or shirt are “raincoats.”  Also, you need a raincoat.  And she needs a raincoat.  And if you don’t have a hood, she’ll grab a hand- or dishtowel to serve in its place.

5. She really likes this song they do in preschool that goes, “Five little monkeys, swinging from a tree/Teasing Mr. Alligator, can’t catch me!/Along comes Mr. Alligator, quiet as can be/Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand SNAPS! that monkey right out of that tree!”  I love it when she does the SNAP part, but I really love it when she turns to us at the end of the verse and, just like her preschool teacher, goes, “Now, how many monkeys are left.”  And she’ll enact this song with random objects, sometimes calling them monkeys, and sometimes inserting their name in place of “monkeys” in the song.

6. I was upset with her today and yelling at her to do something, so she ran to snuggle with her father on the couch instead.

7. For some reason, she keeps talking about “macaroni” in connection to art projects.  This shouldn’t be abnormal in a child attending preschool; preschools frequently employ macaroni in art projects.  But her class hasn’t done that.  So I don’t know what’s up with that.

8. She lied to me last week, twice.  I went to pick her up at preschool and she showed me her watercolor painting.  I admired it, and then she told me Brody took it away from her.  Brody had stayed home sick from school.  Later the same day, I came downstairs to see that she had drawn in crayon on the windows.  I said, “Uh-oh, looks like someone made messy.”  She said Sydney, another kid from preschool, did it.  Only Sydney had not been in our house that day.

9. She continues to quote movies.  My favorites, lately, are when she takes a hand towel, puts it on her head, and sings, “No, sir, not me, I guarantee it!” from Beauty and Beast, and when she says, “Look at my face!  Do you still think it’s a great sale day?” from Despicable Me.  Also, “Did you rub my lamp?  Did you wake me up?  Did you bring me here?  And now, you’re walking out on me?  I don’t think so, not right now, you’re getting your wishes, so SIT DOWN!” from Aladdin.

10.  She dances, a lot.  She also enjoys holding Glee Dance Parties and making me spin her around, which she calls “very fast.”

11. She hops on furniture.  She jumps from the ottoman to the couch, or the coffee table to the ottoman.  Sometimes she calls out “Jump!” and sometimes she calls out, “Hopp-dee!”

12. She likes playing catch, mostly with a ball but sometimes with whatever strikes her fancy.  She calls out, “Catch to you!” and throws – really pretty well, I think, for an untrained 2-year-old.  Sometimes that gets combined with a “Hopp-dee!” if she jumps while throwing.  She’s even sort of caught herself, and she always calls out, “I did it!”

13. Once with Aunt Kate and once with Grandpa Alan (Grandpa Lalan), she had long, sustained phone conversations on a variety of topics.

14. She learned about throwing snowballs today with Uncle Evan and me.

15. She continues to be extremely physically affectionate, which is awesome, but she is also kind of obsessed with my breasts.  When I carry her, she usually has one hand halfway down my shirt, and when she’s really upset or she’s just woken up, she really tries to get her hands all the way into my shirt.  Sometimes she says, very sweetly, “I love your breasts so lovely.  I can pet them.”  Then she pets them and tells me she’s touching them “veeerrrrrrryyyyyyy niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiicely.”

16. The “I love your _______ so lovely” speech pattern applies to other things, like my hair, and my face, as well.  Which is nice to hear.

17. “I can (verb) it” is also a frequent construction in her speech.

18. She also continues to apply dramatic intonation to a variety of phrases.

19. She pushes the furniture around for the purpose of climbing or jumping.  She especially likes to push a dining chair over to the kitchen counter so she can get up there and make trouble.

20.  When we went over to her best bud’s house last week, she accosted her best bud upon walking in the door and started dancing with her, positioning her hands on her shoulders and singing “Once Upon A Dream” from Sleeping Beauty.

Finally, this isn’t something she did, but something someone else said.  We went to the doctor’s last week because she had a persistent cough and then she got a fever the night before.  The nurse said when she saw Zoe’s name on the call sheet, she was so happy because she’d get to hear her adorable voice.


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