More Passion for Fashion

This is a response to my sister’s post.  She credits me with the idea for this sort of thing, but the truth is, she inspired my first post in this vein.  She sent me the gallery with her thoughts; I merely posted what I had replied to her in e-mail.

As in her post, the numbers will refer to the photos in this gallery.

1. Hot damn.  Also, Kate, please tell me that MOST of your readership would catch that reference, or I will feel like the oldest person ever.

2. I like this better than her Golden Globes dress, actually.  And I was one of the few people who liked that dress.  Although I agree about her hair.  And also, plenty of people get pregnant out-0f-wedlock.  There’s no sense in her cowering in shame over it or something.  Although she and the boy could be a little more circumspect about certain aspects of their relationship, considering that he was still living with another woman when it started.  Or so I’ve heard.

3. Totally, totally agree here.  It’s nice to see Tina Fey dressing like a gorgeous actress rather than a frumpy librarian who is totally on a red carpet by mistake.

4. Totally disagree here.  I hate that color on her; to me, it’s the color of the dress you put on your 14-year-old cousin because she’s too old to be your flower girl but too young to be your bridesmaid and even though she’d be just as happy to sit in the back at your wedding hiding a novel under the pew, her mother would stop speaking to your mother if you didn’t put her in your wedding party so there you have it.

6.  See, I sort of like January Jones’s dress here, although it would look more appropriate on a woman about 20 years her senior.  As would that hairstyle.  But at least she’s smiling instead of looking like it’s torture being a beautiful actress on a critically acclaimed and popular television series.

7. I agree that Jon Hamm’s actual personality combined with his ability to play someone with Don Draper’s personality combined with his looks is a seriously delicious package.

8. Great alliteration, Kate.  Yeah, that dress is not good on her, and she’s too pretty to wear dresses that don’t look good on her.  It’s making her hips look weird.

11. That dress is confusing.  Claire Danes certainly looks pretty, and I like that shade of lipstick on her, but the dress is . . . it’s like, that material should be in some other shape, and that shape should be in some other material, and the belt is really too literal for a formal event . . . I don’t know.  Weird.

14. Um, that does not look like a prom dress to me.  Maybe things were different when you went to prom; my year, we were definitely about the princess-y dresses.  On Christian Bale’s grooming habits – I feel like there’s a certain group of men in Hollywood who are very talented and want to be taken seriously as actors, and are also seriously handsome, and for some reason they see a “but” where I see an “and” and try to detract from their handsomeness so as to be taken seriously as actors.  But guys, who do you think you are?  Girls?  Because usually we’re the ones who have to worry about being too attractive to be taken seriously.

21.  I don’t understand what’s going on here.  Jenna Fischer is very pretty.  I don’t know what team of people forced her into this look, or what she’d done to upset them beforehand.

25.  She’s on The Good Wife, starring Julianna Marguiles and guest starring Chris Noth.  I haven’t watched this season, but I liked it last season.  And her character is awesome and she is awesome at playing her.

26. She’s a cast member of The Office.  She’s pretty funny, and that’s pretty much what her hair looks like.  I’m no big fan of the dress, but I don’t hate it, either.

27. I thought that was Lisa Kudrow at first.  She does look excellent.

31.  Oh, man.  I am vehemently opposed to the jumpsuit.  And yet, Julie Bowen looks so fantastic.  What to think?

36.  I don’t know who that is, either, but she is really, really itty-bitty.

37. That guy plays Cam, one half of the gay couple, on Modern Family.  I imagine he’s dressed sloppily here because his character is always so sharp?  I think the girl is just his date.

38. I agree, this is not Penelope Cruz’s little sister at all, and it’s very va-va-voom.  Combined with that GQ spread and her Cosmo cover, I guess Lea Michele is trying to remind us that she is, in fact, a totally sexy actress in her mid-20s and not a 16-year-old prude.  Did you know that she and Matthew Morrison used to date, btw?  Anyway, I think it’s a little too low-cut, although, thank the lord, she doesn’t have much in the way of boobs, so it doesn’t matter, and the belt is unnecessary, but otherwise, she looks pretty good.

39. In agreement.  Awesome.

44. Christine Baranski always, always rocks my world.

46.  I think the problem is, she doesn’t need that necklace.  She either needs a huge, glamorous collection of rocks or nothing.  But she’s Susan Sarandon.  If she showed up in a series of burlap sacks, I’d suddenly be dreaming of the day I could pull off a series of burlap sacks.

47. He’s also on Modern Family.

49. I think maybe velvet because she’s embracing the “look” of Mad Men?  Velvet was once very popular for little girls.

51. He’s the other half of the gay couple on Modern Family.  Why aren’t you watching this show?

52. I’m just glad she doesn’t look like the Bride of Skeletor here.

54.  I don’t really love this dress (nor do I know who this is) but I think I could have been swayed if she’d had some bigger hair.

55.  Gorgeous, of course.  Did you know she’s a Russian Jew?  Her real name is something like Agronsky.

60. I want to like this but I don’t like the way it’s gaping.  It is an awesome idea of a dress, but I think the construction is not as perfect as it needs to be.  And I don’t know who this is.

63. Patrick Stewart’s guest looks an awful lot like Deanna Troi to me.

64. Barbara Hershey is a pretty major actress.  Her most famous role (to me) was opposite Bette Midler in Beaches.  I like the dress but it looks not so formal to me.

66.  Different hair would have been good.  But damn, does she have a body on her.

67. Oh, stop.  Women in suits are fine.  Although, here again, I would not have been able to resist the urge to coordinate better with my date.

68. She is a rather bizarre-looking woman.  And very, very tiny.

70. I will not, will NOT, acknowledge that this is a very pretty dress.  I will not forget.  I will not forgive.

See you for the Oscars!


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