slept in her own bed last night.  Of her own volition.

I could say it’s because she wanted to sleep with her new Rapunzel Barbie (we went to the Disney store yesterday.  I know I objected to the first round of Disney Princess Barbies, but in for a penny, in for a pound, right?) and she knew I wasn’t going to let it in my bed.  But I’ve tried that before, with her other Princess Barbies and various other objects.  She always chose Mommy and Daddy’s bed over the toy.  Last night I didn’t even really set that up as a choice; she ASKED to be put (with the Rapunzel doll and a variety of other Tangled-themed paraphenalia) in “Zoe’s bed and the iPad.”  So I put her in her bed with the iPad and she watched Toy Story 3 until she fell asleep.  And she stayed there all night.  (There were some instances of waking up – but each time she asked to be put back in Zoe’s bed.)

So what else has she been up to lately that is awesome?

Well, as you might be able to tell from the above story, she likes talking about herself in the third person a lot, sometimes even using her full name.  “Zoe Sally Theobald wants chocolate milk!”

She identifies any and all packages that arrive at this house as “a present for Zoe!”

She is kind of frightening me with how she has learned to manipulate certain situations.  My dad visited us last week and at one point we were going out and I told her we could only take one Disney Princess Barbie with us.  She chose Sleeping Beauty, but then looked at my father and said, “Grandpa Lalan is married to her,” and handed him Cinderella.  So now we had to take Cinderella with us, too.

My mother-in-law’s favorite example of this is when we told her she had to finish her milk before whatever she wanted to happen happened, so she started sort of gently nudging her glass of milk to the edge of the high chair, figuring if it seemed like she was going to drop it, we’d take it away from her, and then she wouldn’t have to finish it.

And when she pretends, she usually pretends with a purpose.  When I told her she couldn’t pull the flowers out of the vase because they were Grandma Lisa’s flowers, she told me she’s pretending to be Grandma Lisa.  When I tell her I don’t want her to do something (like have a lollipop) unless Daddy is home (because I don’t want the lollipop anywhere near me) she tells me I can pretend to be Daddy.

Now, when she’s about to jump on me, she screams out, “Boo-yah!”  I can’t tell you with written words how cute her high little-girl voice sounds saying, “Boo-yah!”

My mother and sister got a new puppy.  Zoe has only seen the puppy over FaceTime, but she is very much in love with the puppy and talks about him all the time.  The other morning, she said, “Archie and Zoe are can play ball together.  That’d be excited.”

Those are my two favorite little grammatical “errors” she makes, by the way.  “Are can” and “excited” instead of “exciting.”  Sometimes when she wants to emphasize how exciting something will be, she says it will “great excited.”

Also, she wants you to affirm what she’s saying, but if you don’t, she will.  “That’d be excited, yes?  Yes!  Okay!”

Today was also exciting at preschool – Zoe practically leapt from my arms to Miss Julie’s with a big grin on her face.  I was afraid that the sleeping thing would have ruined that but it didn’t!

She’s become very interested in who and what “are can come with us” anywhere, including another room in the house.  I think this was especially exciting to my dad, because the first morning he got here for his visit, I told Zoe we were going out, and she said, “Grandpa Lalan are can come with us?”  And she checked if he was coming with us for the rest of the weekend.  She also has to bring her objects from room to room, and into the car, and it’s always a discussion.  “Rapunzel are can come with us?”  “Rapunzel can come in the car, but not into preschool.”  “Rapunzel are can come with us in the car?”  “Yes, in the car.”  “Yes.  Okay.”

She didn’t warm up quite as much to my mom when my mom was here.  They had some good bonding moments but for the most part, Zoe was a little stand-offish.  But I’ve been very careful in general to point out who has gotten her what – Grandma Lisa bought you these sneakers, Aunt Kate won you that toy, etc. – and so when I pointed out that GC (my mother) had bought her her favorite new pink dress and also a peace sign headband, she said, “I love GC!”  And now that GC has Archie, Zoe is definitely more interested in her.

Zoe loves to help me cook and actually has some moments where she is, in fact, being helpful.  One of those was when my mom was here and Zoe ripped lettuce with me and then played with the lettuce with my mom, which was a nice little bonding for them.  But, I mean, Zoe ripped all the lettuce I asked her to into workable, bite-sized pieces.  It was great.

I just don’t know how to write about all the awesome she is.  I mean, she’s an enormous pain in the tuchas, too, and I have seen very clear signs that she is going to be an ENORMOUS pain in the ass when she’s a teenager, but so many things she does are so great.  I love the little smiles she gives me through the day.  I love her declaring her love for various people and objects.  She’s great.


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