My Kid is Just So Cute

Tonight we were having a Glee Dance Party, and during one of the slower songs I elected to do this ab exercise.  Zoe saw me doing it and said, “I can do that with you!” She laid down next to me on the ground and imitated my motions for a few minutes.  (She also saw me stretching last week and decided to stretch with me.)  Then she said, “We can hug archother [each other]!”  So she hugged me and then observed, “Your face is hot.”  It was hot because I had been working out.  Then she said, “I love your hot face!” and pressed her cheek against mine some more.

This pretty much made up for the 420 tantrums she threw today.

She is also (I forgot to mention this in the last post) fairly obsessed with who is married to archother.  She is always making her dolls hug and kiss and then telling us that they love archother and they are married to archother.  And!  She is not heterocentric about it!  I mean, she identifies heterosexual couples she already knows, like her parents, or the various characters in Disney movies.  But sometimes she claims the Disney princesses are married to archother!  And she recognizes her aunts as a couple (and did so without me telling her that they were)!  And today she was taking these (non-Disney) princess dolls at the bookstore, having them hug and kiss and be in dancing position with each other (holding one hand, other hand on the shoulder) and told us they love archother and are married to archother.  Then she took up four or five princesses and claimed they were a family.  I don’t know if she understands boys as couples yet but she did see Blaine and Kurt kiss on Glee (and she saw me squeal like a pre-teen fangirl about it, because, come on, obviously that was the best kiss between two males that’s ever been in a television show, but it was also one of the best kisses I’ve ever seen on a television show ever).

Adult males other than the ones she already knows well – her father, her grandfathers, my brother – are mostly terrifying to her.  She has a mild interest in males her own age – as in, she plays with them and everything but doesn’t become obsessed with getting their attention.  But the ten- and eleven-year-old boys where I teach are of GREAT interest to her.  She interacts a lot with the one 4th grade boy in my Wednesday class, but when I combine with the 5th and 6th grade class there is this boy she just adores and she goes right over to him and gets up in his face and tilts her head to the side and speaks to him softly and in a higher-than-normal voice and gives him little pats on the arm and head.  I’ve got Trouble with a capital T and that rhymes with Z and that stands for Zoe.

As an update, she is still sleeping mostly in her bed, although sometimes when her father really needs a snuggle – or is too tired to put her in her bed while I’m doing something else – she stays in ours.  Right now she’s in her bed.  Still awake.  Watching Tangled on her iPad.


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