So You Think You Can Dance – Week Two

Erica: Fucking storms. Fucking power. Fucking Fox. Our power went out at around 8 p.m. on Tuesday night and came back on at around 8 p.m. Wednesday night. The first thing I did when the lights kicked on was restart Tivo but I still only got half of the episode. And fucking Fox doesn’t put these things up online in a timely fashion at all.

Kate: I did not have any f*cking power outages (such language Er!) but I did miss the first 3 dances due to the fact that I am incapable of getting anywhere/doing anything on time anymore. Woe is me. Anyone who did catch the first 3 routines please feel free to comment and critique.

Erica: Why am I not allowed to say “fuck” on my own blog?

Kate: You sure can but it’s getting bleeped out on mine!

Nick and Iveta

Erica: Okay, so I’m coming in with Nicky and Iveta receiving the tail end of the critique for their Bollywood number. Oh, my God, Debbie Reynolds is the guest judge. Heart!
Kate: I came in at this routine, it was great! For a tap dancer and a ballroom dancer they put in a seriously applaudable effort, her movements weren’t as sharp as Bollywood demands them to be but she has such a phenomenal stage presence (in addition to phenomenal abs) and I am still baffled that she is 30 and moves like that. It would be awesome if she won.

Erica: I’m sure the number was fine, but I hate how Nigel and company always act like SYTYCD discovered Bollywood. Like no one (including, possibly, people who are in fact Indian and live in India and everything) had ever heard of it until they put it on American TV.

Kate: I suppose. I want to do it so badly!

Erica: Ooh, I hate Cat’s dress. I like the color on her but I hate everything else about it.

Kate: Really? I’m the opposite—I hate the color on her (yellow on blondes, not okay) but I love the style and think it would like superb on, say, me. Her hair and makeup look fab, no?

Erica: Her hair and makeup look fab.  But then, they always do.

Robert and Miranda

Erica: Miranda continues to be wearing an actual bra in her promo clip thing. Like, underwear-looking bra. Not sexy dance bra. Is it me or do they continue not to be together really? Individually they’re better than I thought they would be. Which is not saying much.

Kate: Although they gave hip-hop the old college try and were sharp as can be, AND it was a NappyTabs routine, I just did not feel it. And I don’t like how the judges always fawn over people going outside their genre. UM, that’s precisely what they’re SUPPOSED to do on this show, the point is if it’s any good or not. AWESOME makeup though!

Erica: I continue to heart Debbie Reynolds. And not just because she once was in close proximity to Gene Kelly.

Kate: I continue to not understand their selection of guest judges this year, but yea she’s a cutie.

Erica: What do you mean?  She’s Debbie Reynolds!  Gene Kelly picked her to be his dance partner for Singin’ in the Rain!  They really are never going to say anything bad about anybody, are they?

Kate: I’m tellin’ you, it’s the American Idol Season 10 J. Lo/Steven Tyler approach!

Jess and Clarice

Erica: I’m sorry, I know he’s a pill, but I kind of love Jess and his extreme geekery.

Zoe: I like her with the pink dress.

Kate: Thanks for chiming in on the commentary Z! I too love the dress, and that is perhaps the only thing I love about this routine. Yes Er I really like Jess too and he was pretty good in this, not as good as last week. Bottom 3 couples fo sho.

Erica: See, I think he’s maybe not as fluid as he could be here but he’s not bad. Right? He’s just young and has a kind of underdeveloped body. I mean, of the contemporary routines that happen on the show, that was not really impressive. But I can’t help it, I like the little nerd.

Tadd and Jordan

Erica: Hey, my dad’s girlfriend packs like Tadd! Except that she only ever packs black-and-white so it all goes together.

Kate: I’ve seen her wear color?

Erica:  At home.  But not on vacation.  You know…I want to dislike Jordan but she’s really good, isn’t she? Especially her extensions (yeah, watch me throw down the dance vocabulary). This routine to mevwas a little flail-y and not so romantic as the Viennese waltz canvsometimes be, and they looked goofy when doing the actual, like, waltz part.

Kate: Agreed, and I think that was his fumbly little fault. I can’t believe the judges praised him so much, did NO ONE see him falter in the first 5 seconds!? And why do you want to dislike her? I think she’s fab except for her hair; her legs are truly something else and she was excellent when she wasn’t partnering with him.

Erica: I don’t know.  Because she is either actually that dumb (which I doubt) or she’s playing that dumb because she thinks it makes her likeable or something.  And I don’t like that.  I had actually forgotten that Tadd was a b-boy. Good on him.

Kate: Ugh. Whatever.

Marco and Melanie

Erica: This is another pair I kind of love for their personalities. Or the personalities they’ve chosen to portray on camera.

Kate: They are without a doubt my favorite couple, that was SUCH a cool jazzy/club remix routine! They work perfectly together.

Erica: My love for these two dancers is only rivaled by my hatred for those costumes but good lord can they perform. That was so much fun! I totally agree with Mary Murphy here; they have “a voice”.

Kate: Oooh I just adore them.

Erica: “It’s a little early to talk about stars on this program”? Nigel, who are you kidding? You people start talking about stars during auditions.

Kate: Haha, good one.

Alexander and Sasha

Erica: Oh, thank God I didn’t miss these two. I loved that Sasha was totally blase about the sweating, and I totally believe that Alex likes to look at himself in the mirror. She’s just marvelous. Forget anything I said about liking any other girl. Except Melanie.

Kate: I totally see what you mean about Alex, and he probably needs to rely on his looks because Sasha is seriously out-shining him. If Marco and Melanie are my favorite couple, Sasha is my favorite individual. Man oh man she is perfection.

Erica: Oh, no. Topical. Sensitive. I hate when SYTYCD does that. See, the dance wasn’t too “sensitive” but then Mary Murphy has to cry and make it all about her. I hate it when they try to “touch” me.

Kate: I KNEW you’d say EXACTLY that! I too hate when they pull this sh!t, Nigel even said “It’s not worth commenting on the dancing” because of the “message”—HELLO, THIS IS A SHOW ABOUT DANCING! How could they NOT comment on that spectacular performance? First of all, that’s not the first time they did a coming-home-from-war routine; second of all, what a coincidence they did this the night Obama made that announcement. Okay I’m gonna stop there because hot damn I’m just in love with Sasha, AND NappyTabs!

Chris and Ashley


Kate: ER! LANGUAGE! YOU HAVE AN ALMOST-3-YEAR-OLD PRESENT! You missed a heck of a routine though, I’m starting to like him. They both did very well with the bars thing, although her costume was an odd choice, and I think they had good “sexual tension” overall.

Erica:  I HATE FOX.  I will have to catch this one when it finally goes up on Hulu.

Kate: So I predict Clarice and Jess will definitely be in the bottom 3 couples. Miranda and Robert will be as well assuming America agrees with me (which, you know, they should) and I’ll leave the third one to chance since I missed the first 3 couples.

Erica: And . . . none of that happened.  I have to say, as much as I love Jess, I was surprised not to see him and Clarice in the bottom. And I’m sad Iveta is gone.  On a positive note, I liked Cat’s results show outfit much better.

Kate: I guess I’m not surprised at who went home and I too am sad about Iveta, but somehow I think she’ll be all right in the dance world.


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