SYTYCD – Top Ten!

Erica: So tonight we saw them dance one dance with an all-star and one solo. And may I just say to all current and future SYTYCD dancers: that thing they used to do at the end of the solo where it went “So you think you can dance . . . dance . . . dance . . . dance”? It doesn’t do that anymore. It’s just “So you think you can dance” and then it’s over. So stop making little moves to the non-existent echoing “dance”.
Kate: I noticed that too! I thought some of the girls choreographed the end of their solo specifically to shake their hips to that “dance …dance…dance”. #Fail
Erica: It happens all the time. And Neil Patrick Harris as a judge? Best guest ever. Please make him come back every day.

Erica: I do wonder why Pasha danced twice. Not that I’m complaining. At all. I would like to watch two hours of Pasha doing ballroom. More than that, I would like to spend two hours ballroom dancing with Pasha. But what happened? Did they lose a guy?

Kate: Yes. They lost Alex Wong. Remember?

Erica: Oh, right. Couldn’t they have asked Ade? He was right there in the audience.

Kate: I thought you’d be thrilled about that! He was looking more scrumptious than usual to me. I think he is in love with himself though.

Erica: I am thrilled! I was just wondering. Anyway, here we go:

Marko and Chelsie

Erica: Holy hell, I love him. During the dance I was thinking, “Is his back supposed to be straighter?” Just because I’m trying to look for these technical things. But Mary Murphy thought he was awesome, and if Mary Murphy thinks he’s awesome, he must be awesome.

Kate: Dag nabbit Archie made me miss the first dance again! I heard the critique though and they said it was “hot”, so I feel as though I need to YouTube it.

Erica: You know, I think I might like this Duffy chick.

And the solo was awesome. It was one of the few of the night I actually enjoyed. I usually am bored by solos, particularly contemporary ones.
Kate: Oh, we’re commenting on the solos? They usually bore me too, in fact I usually don’t even watch them. Solo dances are completely uninteresting to me, so if they can impress me with a solo dance then they have really impressed me. That said, I don’t even remember this one. I do like Duffy though.

Jordan and Brandon

Erica: I can’t believe I disagree with NPH but I didn’t feel their connection very well. It was actually better when they were dancing in parallel than when they were dancing together, you know? Anyway, both of them are ridiculous with their bodies.

Kate: Yea, I liked Cat’s comment about Brandon needing muscle definition. I thought this was okay, not as spectacular as the judges said. I was however wowed by her legs once again.

Jess solo

Erica: He’s just so good. He really looks like leaping five feet into the air and spinning around on one foot a hundred and 47 times is nothing to him. And he’s so joyful.

Kate: I am now seeing in him what you see in him, this was great. He looks like such a nice little Jewish boy, too.

Tadd and Comfort

Kate: Goodness gracious this was unbelievable. I LOVE that Chris Brown song for a hip-hop routine and they did it BEAUTIFULLY. I disagree that Tadd out-danced Comfort, though; no one can out-dance Comfort.

Erica: I love Comfort. I think it’s hard to look like you have swagger standing next to her, even if you are, like, a battle-hardened actual gang member or something. But Tadd did pretty well. I love how, EVEN WHEN DANCING HIP-HOP, there’s still the “You’re a b-boy! You shouldn’t be able to do this!” meme.

Kate: Oh my God I almost threw something at the TV. Hip-hop is the dance genre CLOSEST to b-boy-ing! For the love of all things sacred Nigel GET. OVER. IT.

Melanie solo

Erica: She has so much control over herself.

Kate: What negative thing could anyone ever possibly have to say about this little angel?

Our Mother: What is that?! Is that a cover of “You’re the One That I Want”?! (major eye roll)

Mitchell and Melody

Kate: You know something, I actually liked that the theme of this was so different than the usual sap story. It was fun and weird and had something to do with airplanes, and WHO CARES if that didn’t come through? Did they dance it well? I think so.

Erica: Fine. Not so much with the loving. Still loving NPH, though. Especially when he disses Tyce D’Orio.

Kate: I think this is the point where Cat Deeley said, “Well, not everyone will love everything and Mom walked in and said, “How philosophical.”

Erica: In case you can’t tell, we were raised by the Grand Duchess of Snark.

Ricky solo

Erica: I’ve liked other solos of his better. He’s appeared more liquid-y before. This didn’t strike me as markedly different than any other contemporary male solo. Which is not to say he was bad, just it was boring.
Kate: Yea, barely watched this one. I’m not a fan of him.

Clarice solo

Erica: Again, to me, this was a boring contemporary solo. It showed that she can move her body really well, but it wasn’t an interesting performance.

Kate: Oh no I liked this one because it wasn’t the usual slow contemporary, she put some sass in it. What’s with the thing attached to her bottom thing though? Dumb.

Caitlyn and Pasha

Erica: Drool. You know, I don’t know that this is the first time the judges have been all, “You were a girl before but tonight you danced like a woman,” when the person had just partnered with Pasha for the first time. I’m saying, I think he has that affect on the female population.

Kate: I didn’t love this as much as the judges did; like when NPH said it started off slow I thought it stayed awkwardly slow for the bulk of the performance. Not that Pasha could ever be awkward. Perhaps I just don’t really fancy the Argentinean tango.

Erica: The dancing I thought was unusually kicky for a tango, which was interesting to me, and I thought maybe her kicks were not as tight as they were supposed to be, but I again defer to Mary Murphy, who apparently didn’t think so.

Kate: Yea, I was actually really taken aback by her “standing ovation” (note that she was the only one standing). I mean she was better than she has been, but nowhere near the level of the beloved Melanie or Sasha.

Mitchell solo

Kate: Meh.

Erica: It was . . . good? I don’t know how to evaluate contemporary male solos.

Sasha and Twitch

Kate: Un. Be. Lievable.

Erica: Damn. Damn. A thousand times DAMN. That was awesome. I loved the choreography, I loved doing hip-hop to a non-hip-hop song in a non-cheesy way, I loved Twich, I fucking LOVED Sasha because DAMN. I think she’s going to win this thing.

Kate: The crowd’s reaction to that solidified in my mind that she will in fact win this, which makes me feel bad for Melanie but I don’t think it will hurt her career at all. Don’t you think there was a little somethin’ somethin’ going on with Sasha and Twitch, aka THE GOD OF ALL MALE DANCERS?

Erica: No. Well, maybe. I mean, look, Sash, it wouldn’t be a bad idea, nah mean? But I’ve got to complain about some production issues. It might be fine for a girl in black pants to be dancing in an area with no lighting LIVE, but on TV it looks bad and we can’t see her dancing.

Kate: How can you pay that much attention to costume in a routine like that?

Erica: Because I couldn’t see the AWESOME DANCING as much as I wanted to. But oh my goodness that was sick.

Jordan solo

Erica: Good?

Kate: Not that good.

Jess and Kathryn

Erica: I thought he was amazing. I think he’s maybe a touch muggy but really over all I think he’s great. And the lifts—he did well, and he’s only 18, people! He’s going to grow!

Kate: I loved him in this! I’m also not sure what everyone means by “muggy”, but he is clearly significantly smaller than the average male lifter so cut him some slack. I thought his emotion in this was spot-on.

Erica: By “muggy” they mean he pulls too many faces, overdoes the character stuff. I don’t think he does.

Tadd solo

Erica: Super fun solo. He does b-boy with not so much swagger but with a lot of joy and silliness and I like that.

Kate: Don’t think I watched this one, and despite that awesome performance with Comfort I don’t think I like him that much.

Melanie and Pasha

Erica: Some more drooling for me. And Melanie was just dreamy.

Kate: I have never seen such an incredible Viennese waltz on this show; Mary Murphy was totally right, she was literally floating. AND did you see when they were critique the camera panned to her mom and grandma (I’m assuming?) Her mom was crying! I wanted to hug all of them. I teared up a bit when NPH said she has a light from within. (And again, I want to borrow her dress.)

Caitlyn solo

Erica: Fine?

Kate: Why did she have that thing on her bottom thing too!? It’s a conspiracy.

Allison and Ricky

Erica: I think I’m pretty much over Ricky. I didn’t think he was creepy or strong enough and I didn’t think he danced at Allison’s level.

Kate: Then again, who can? Besides Robert Roldan, of course. I agree though. Buh-bye Rick.

Marko solo

Erica: I love him. Although it occurs to me—of the five girls in the competition at this point, all of them are contemporary dancers. And three of the males are, and then Jess is “Broadway,” which doesn’t really mean anything and he’s probably taken classes in contemporary along with everything else, and Tadd is a b-boy who IS COMPLETELY UNTRAINED AND HAS NEVER EVEN SEEN DANCING OTHER THAN BREAKING, by which I mean he’s probably been taking years of classes in everything, including contemporary. So that’s pretty weighted and maybe next season they should make an effort to include more of a range?

Kate: I hadn’t thought of that, but sure. Contemporary is always the biggest genre on this show I feel.

Clarice and Robert

Erica: I am not normally attracted to men in purple sparkles. But I guess I can change.

Kate: I’m attracted to Robert in whatever pants he wants to wear. I thought that was fun! I love Bollywood, every time I watch it I want to learn how to do it. It’s got to be murder on your quads.

Erica: And it was Mitchell and Clarice who went home. They would not have been my picks but I’m not excessively sad, either.


3 thoughts on “SYTYCD – Top Ten!

  1. Katy says:

    I really liked the joint review. Makes it fun to read two views. Also, FYI, Sasha & Twitch can’t have a “thing” going, because Twitch and all star Allison (season 2) have been dating for about 7 or 8 months. Did you see them sitting together on results night?
    My favorite now is Jess. I found out that he is normally a kind of quiet person behind the scenes, but had been trying to overcome his edit as “the arrogant” one by being “funny and crazy” or not arrogant. In trying to convince everyone, he went a little too far. I think NPH’s comments will help. He’s been toning it down anyway.

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