Lesson to Unlearn from “Glee” – Season 3, Episode 1

So I’m thinking this will be a weekly feature this season. My sister might do one, too, so keep an eye out.

Lesson: Glee Clubs/Show Choir/Musical Theater/etc. are Always Uncool

Oh, they brought back a favorite of mine for their Season 3 opener – no matter what those Glee Kids do, they’ll always be uncool. Even if they are composed in large part of Cheerios and football players, and girlfriends of football players, they’ll be universally reviled. Yes, even if totally hot Santana and Brittany dance on table tops at lunch in tiny cheerleader skirts to a classic ’80s pop tune. Also, no one at all will be impressed that you came in TWELFTH out of FIFTY.

The truth: I know that it’s hard to develop a story in which those guys are not actually getting slushied every week (as if people in mullets have any leg to stand on here), but seriously? If there was a group of kids that talented and easy on the eyes, and some of them were cool BEFORE they joined Glee, and they regularly interrupted a boring school day by performing adorable ’80s pop? In tiny skirts? They’d rule the school. Also, twelfth out of fifty is really pretty good and y’all should stop whinging about it.

They did make one improvement. Last year and the year before, we had more than one pep rally scene in which the kids performed awesomely and the school cheered wildly. Then the next day they’d be getting slushied again. At least here, they had the student body react badly immediately following the song, too.

BTW, last night I did not see one second of that Anything Goes/Anything You Can Do mashup done by the pseudo-Kurt-and-Rachels. Why? Because Zoe was shaking a tail feather like there was no tomorrow, singing at the very top of her lungs, and I had to watch that instead.


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