Just Your Typical Married Couple

Or possibly your typical married Jewish Couple:

Jason: Where was that Irish place we liked?

Ricki: What Irish place we liked?

Jason: I had some sort of meat pie.

Ricki: Shepherd’s pie?

Jason: Maybe.

Ricki: I don’t know. I usually get shepherd’s pie, not you.

Jason: What was it called?

Ricki: Are you talking about the Celtic Knot, where we used to go with Kerri in Evanston?

Jason: No. No, no, no. It was in the city.

Ricki: Not the Kerryman where we went that one time with Randi’s friend Lindsay?

Jason: No. Ew. No. That place was terrible.

Ricki: We thought it was good until we got the chocolate cake.

Jason: No, it was awful.

Ricki: That chocolate cake was awful.

Jason: No. It was north of us.

Ricki: How far north of us?

Jason: I don’t know, north.

Ricki: I can’t think of any Irish place we went to in the city besides the Kerryman. I went with Colin to Lady Gregory, but that was recently.

Jason: We sat in a loft.

Ricki: We sat in a loft at the Kerryman.

Jason: No, it was north of us!

Ricki: Are you sure you went with me?

Jason: Yes! Who else would I go with?

Ricki: I don’t know, your girlfriend.

(We laugh at the ludicrous notion that he could be cheating on me and this is how I could find out – he accidentally mentions an Irish restaurant he took her and not me. We frequently share jokes like this, about how ludicrous it is that he could be cheating on me. It could, in fact, be his cover. “Working late tonight, honey?” “Oh, no, I was with my mistress.” “Hahahaha! You card!” I think this is the missing sketch from A Guide for the Married Man. What, you’ve never seen that movie? Come on to our house; we’ll show it to you.)

Jason: Come on, Ricki. We were in a loft. It had stones. Like, the walls were stones. You said you really liked it and we should go back again but we never did.

(Many more minutes of this conversation ensue. Finally:)

Ricki: . . . You don’t mean Hopleaf, do you?

Jason: I don’t know, what’s Hopleaf?

Ricki: It’s Belgian. I had mussels and beer. You had a sandwich, not shepherd’s pie.

Jason: (looks up Hopleaf on the computer) Yeah, I think that’s it!


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