Crazy, Stupid, Redux

We watched Crazy, Stupid, Stalking again with my mom and my sister and my sister’s boyfriend while they were here post-Thanksgiving. I stand by everything I said about it before, except for one thing. I had said that it didn’t make any sense that the babysitter’s dad, in pursuit of Steve Carrell, would go to the family’s home, because he’d have no way of knowing that Steve Carrell would be there and not in his divorced-dad-pad. But he did know; he saw Steve Carrell in the Home Depot earlier and Steve Carrell announced it. So I stand corrected.

And even though, after analysis, I can no longer enjoy the movie as much as I did the first time, the scenes in which Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling fall in love with each other are still the best shit ever and I sort of wish I could lift them out of this movie and put them in another one.

In fact, I have an idea for the other one I would put them in. I would like to see a whole movie of vignettes of people falling in love after following the advice of the Emma Stone’s best friend character in this movie. Just lift her out, have her tell people to study each other’s bedroom ceilings, and then watch what happens when they do.

(Note to self: Do not put this on blog. Start writing script.)


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