Can I Just Say This?

Women came forward about how Herman Cain sexually harassed them, you know, pressed uninvited and unwanted sexual attention on them while holding the threat or the promise of their financial well-being over their heads, and his poll numbers went up. Supporters of Cain suggested that these women were just lying to get attention, or that they were being paid, or what have you. But Herman Cain’s campaign raised so much more money after these women came forward that some (and by some, I probably mean Jon Stewart) jokingly suggested that the Herman Cain campaign itself was paying them.

Then a woman came forward about having a consensual extra-marital relationship with him for over a decade, and his poll numbers plummeted to the ground and he withdrew in, like, a week.

So in the minds of likely Republican primary voters – marriage is sacred but women are stupid, lying whores?


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