Have Y’all Seen This?

Hello. Welcome back from your holidays. Hope you had a wonderful time bringing light into the darkness and/or getting drunk.

So have you seen this?

Google+ commercial

Is this ad seriously suggesting that the appropriate and normal arc of a relationship is:

1. You, the male who is always the “you,” should decide some woman you barely know is the love of your life.

2. She should decide you are a “creeper.”

3. You should then decide to join her book club.

4. She will decide you are not a creeper because you have a car, and girls are all about using men for their material goods.

5. Having (or maybe just being at?) a ski house will also improve her opinion of you.

6. Then she’ll start thinking of you as a “maybe.” Then a “keeper.” And that’s what love is.


I just . . . I am inarticulate in my extreme annoyance and confusion. I don’t know what to say. I think I’ll just link to this.

Oh, man. I am on Google+ but I’ve never actually used it (which is how I handled Facebook for the first several years I had an account). And now, seeing this, I’d like to get off of it. If only I had the patience to figure out how.


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