Lessons to Unlearn from Glee – Season 3, Episode 13

The lesson: There’s this character on the show named Sugar and I’m supposed to care about her.

The truth: No, I’m pretty sure that’s not true.

The lesson: Brian Stokes Mitchell should guest star on a musical show and not really sing all that much.

The truth: What the what? I mean, I love “You’re the Top,” but they didn’t do much of a production of it, and isn’t Brian Stokes Mitchell kind of a big deal? Why didn’t he . . . sing?

The lesson: Ryan Murphy is totally reasonable about homophobia!

The truth: This episode tried to do that “Let’s hear from both sides of the issue” thing by having the new member of the brand-new God Squad – I mean, the God Squad that’s always existed, of which at least three members of the cast have been prominent members, but of which we’ve heard not one word – consider maybe not singing a love song from Santana (who continues to be hella gorgeous) to her girlfriend Brittany (because that’s apparently public now even though last time we checked – which was forever ago – Santana was struggling with that) because, you know, God hates fags or some shit. Then the new member decided to be fine with that – without really talking about why he can reconcile his loving Jesus with his accepting Sappho – and sing to the girls.

And, okay, fine. I kind of hate giving any quarter to the “It’s okay to be homophobic” crowd but I can see what Ryan Murphy is trying to do.

He’s trying to recover from that time he called Kings of Leon homophobic because they didn’t want “Glee” to cover their songs.

The lesson: Holy hell, Mercedes can sing.

The truth: Dude, totally.

I mean, no, no, no, Amber Riley can sing.

Seriously, this was actually a decent musical episode. And one of the best things was Mercedes singing “I Will Always Love You” in tribute to the dear departed Whitney Houston.

But please, next week, can Blaine lead the group in a rousing and joyous “I Wanna Dance With Somebody”?


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