State-Sanctioned Rape

Let’s not pussy-foot around this. This is rape.

Here, this woman seems to know more about it than I do, in terms of legal definitions.

But very few news outlets are even reporting this, and the ones that do are doing the, “Gee, that’s really wrong” thing. Which it is. It’s really, really, really wrong.

It’s state-sanctioned, state-sponsored, hell, even state-coerced rape. Penetration without consent of the penetratee is rape. Let’s please work on calling a spade a spade.

(And please spare me the bullshit about “What if I forcibly penetrate your ear with my finger, is that rape?” because the Virginia legislature is talking about the vagina, not the ear. You can’t get an ultrasound from an ear. I mean, you can’t get an ultrasound of a fetus from an ear.)

Here’s what I want. I want all of the legislators who’ve signed this bill, who’ve sponsored this bill, who’ve declared their willingness to sign this bill immediately fired. For threatening to rape the women of Virginia. Because that’s got to be against some oath they took. Right?

Then I want somebody to explain to me why I shouldn’t assume that Republicans simply hate, loathe, despise, and abominate women. I didn’t used to believe that. I didn’t used to believe that Republicans were simply evil. I used to think that there were just a few bad apples, a few crazies that the media liked to highlight because, hey, it’s entertaining, but really, Republicans as a whole aren’t evil. They just have a different vision of what an ideal world would look like than I do, and a lot of how they think the world should look is just as legitimate as how I think the world should look. Plus, I love me some NASA, and Democrat presidents tend not to. But between this, and the New Hampshire domestic violence shit, and the birth control brouhaha with them all talking about if women would just keep their legs together, like, hello, even if that were a sane and non-hateful thing to say, there’d still be married women who use birth control, dipshits, and yeah, I’ve covered this already, I’m not sure why I shouldn’t believe that Republicans are pure evil and just hate women.

So maybe the explanation is, “No, no, those are just the extremists, that’s not what real Republicanism is about.” If that’s it, then here’s what I want. I want every Republican candidate for public office – and every Republican currently holding public office – to go on the record with how they feel about this Virginia bill.

And I want to set up a website wherein I put up pictures of those who say they support the bill with big red signs over their faces – This Person Supports RAPE.

Hell, we can ask Democrats, too. And if any of them support the bill, their pictures can go up on the site.

Because the truth is, I really want this not to be a party thing. I really want this to be a “limited number of crazies” thing. We only have two parties in this country; if it is generally agreed upon by Republicans that women are hateful, disgusting, unworthy beings, that’s approximately half the country backing that up. That’s too frightening to contemplate.

But I haven’t heard boo from party leadership saying, “Oh, my God, you guys, we don’t support rape; cut it out.”

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