Lessons to Unlearn from Glee – Season 3, Episode 14

You know what, show? Fuck you.

This episode is making me unaccountably angry and I’m not sure I have a full handle on why.

When I saw where things were going with Karofsky, my first instinct was to be angry because this show simply hasn’t been written well enough to ask for my emotional buy-in to that plot line. And what was especially angering is that the show got it anyway, because, what, I’m not going to feel for the kid who’s being tormented; I’m not going to get choked up when a good actor does the things he needs to do to convince you he’s in the kind of emotional pain that would lead to a suicide attempt? No, obviously, I’m going to buy in, but it’s cheap and dirty, show, because you’ve done nothing to earn my fucking tears, alright?

Yes, by the way, I got this mad crying while watching The Notebook because it’s a stupid fucking movie with a stupid fucking premise and it pulls out all the little tricks to jerk tears from one’s eyes without doing a thing to earn them. But I digress.

The problem is bigger than just this plot line. The problem is that you’ve got an incredibly talented cast. Chris Colfer, Lea Michele, Jane Lynch, and even underused Max Adler (Karofsky) are phenomenal actors, and at least three of them are amazing singers as well. My love and adoration of Naya Rivera is pretty well-established. Heather Morris and Harry Shum, Jr. – goddamn can they dance. Amber Riley? Holy hell, Amber Riley. You’re amazing. Darren Criss, my husband has a little bit of a crush on you. Which is completely justified. Mark Salling? Uh . . . call me. I could go on, because the cast is just terrific, but I think I’ll stop there. My point is that this is a collection of incredibly talented people, being backed up by some great production design, and they have you people for writers. It’s a shonda, is what it is.

You didn’t even do a good job. You brought this topic – teen depression and suicide and the bullying that often triggers it, especially as it relates to homosexuality in teens – and you fucking dropped the ball. Because you had to get in Regionals. And Finn and Rachel’s wedding. And Sue’s f-ing pregnancy, not to mention her 47th complete character turnaround. Characterization. Plot Structure. Pacing. These are Fiction Writing 101 topics. Try to learn something about them.

Oh, and maybe Quinn dies at the end but probably not? That’s the cheapest storytelling ploy in the book. Class up your fucking act.

And that little tease? That little “. . . how are we going to tell the students . . . that David Karofsky attempted suicide . . .” Just fuck you. That’s not a place to tease. Especially since why would they need to make an announcement to the student body that David Karofsky didn’t die? Wouldn’t his thankfully unsuccessful attempt at suicide be a pretty fucking private matter?! Wouldn’t his parents be involved in that discussion? I mean, this kind of thing, this total lack of connect to the fabric of reality is fine when you’re making up some fictive “tenure slot” which somehow propels a half-assed plot about Ricky Martin, but suicide? You don’t half-ass a script about fucking suicide.

Maybe I’m just emotional today. I haven’t read how this episode is being received by others; maybe I’ll read something that will change my mind. But as it stands now, I might be done with this show. I’ve got “Smash” now; I don’t need you.


5 thoughts on “Lessons to Unlearn from Glee – Season 3, Episode 14

  1. rebleah18 says:

    I agree with everything you’ve said, right down to replacing Glee with Smash (which makes me sad that we no longer watch TV together). It’s getting to be chore to watch this show (which is what put me off Grey’s Anatomy). Honestly, if Diana Agron wants to leave the show (and seriously, she should, she’s been acting circles around the rest of them the whole time), couldn’t she just wait until she “graduated”? The whole wedding thing is a farce (and can we talk about the Justice of the Peace being available on Saturday? I don’t think that’s a thing. And isn’t Rachel Jewish? Doesn’t she have some kind of chuppah fantasy? And when did they all have time to get bridesmaids’ dresses?), and both “deaths” were so predictable that I just sat there for a solid three minutes waiting for them to die. Not to mention that it’s unlikely that Karovsky’s method could have been thwarted by him being “found in time.” Hanging is pretty instantaneous. . .I hope they do a better job preaching about texting and driving than they do about cyber-bullying. . .

  2. perica1981 says:

    1. Come on, Quinn didn’t die.
    2. I think that hanging is only instantaneous if it snaps your neck – which would be more likely with a longer rope and bigger drop than a kid in his closet with a belt (tie?) could manage. If your neck doesn’t snap, then you do, in fact, slowly suffocate, so you could be found in time and saved. And I’m so glad I’ve spent any amount of time thinking about this tonight. Thanks!
    3. I missed you! I’m so happy you’re back!

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