An Anecdote, with a Point – I Swear!

Before I get things started, I just want to say, I know y’all are thrilled to DEATH about SYTYCD starting up again, because it means Kate and I will be co-blogging about it! Keep in mind we don’t start until the actual competition, not the auditions, starts, so, you know, patience, please. But we are super-excited and I know you are, too!

Now on to the blog proper.

When I was in fifth grade, my girlfriends and I had this little thing we did at recess. See, our elementary school was across the street from a large park, with a playground on one end and a huge field. The boys used the huge field to play football. Because there were a lot of boys, and at least five of them would bring a football every day, there were always extra footballs lined up on one edge of the field. So what we’d do is, we’d wait until the quarterback threw a pass, and then we’d take one of the extra balls and throw it in at the same time, creating confusion for the boys as to which ball they were supposed to be catching. Clever, no?

It gets more clever. Because naturally after we did this three or four times in one game, the boys would get angry and go to the lunch ladies to tell on us and get us in trouble. But! We would already have two girls stationed near the lunch ladies. When the boys started walking over, the girls would turn to the lunch ladies and complain about how they weren’t letting us use the field. So now, by the time the boys got there, they were in trouble and could not get a fair hearing. Haha!

I know, we were such little shits.

So what’s my point?

My point is, with that precocious skill set, how didn’t my fifth grade girlfriends and I all become lobbyists?


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