Anecdote Time!

I used to go to the New York(e) Renaissance Faire with my parents every summer when I was a kid. I loved the belly dancers, the puppet show (which is no more), and just the entire ambience. And every year I would get all dressed up. Not in Renaissance gear – my parents were not the Renaissance nut jobs that buy $300 get-ups for their children – who are going to grow, for goodness’ sake! No, I’d just pick my favorite or most Renaissance-y dress and then when we got there, I’d get to pick out a flower garland for my hair and it was super-exciting.

But one year I got really upset. Because one year my stepdad insisted that we go see the Mud Men or some such, guys who much about in mud pits, and I did not want to go. There seemed to be limited opportunity for girls in pretty dresses in that setting. But we went, anyway. And my prettiest dress got splashed with mud. And I was very upset. And from then on, my stepdad went to see the Mud Men himself while my mom took me to some other show. If I recall correctly, which, very possibly, I do not.

We stopped going when I was in my early teens or so, and then when I had a car, I decided to start going again. The puppet guys were gone, which was sad, but it was still a lot of fun, and suddenly there were new delights, like that totally cute guy who was doing the face painting.

But I still wouldn’t go see the Mud Men.

And now I live in Illinois and I go to the same company’s Bristol Renaissance Faire (in Kenosha, Wisconsin. There is no Bristol, Wisconsin. Guess how confused I was by this the first time I went?) and I’m a grown up with a child of my own and everything.

And I still won’t go see the Mud Men. Even though they’re not even the same Mud Men.

But. My brother just went to the New York one, and he reported back to me that the Mud Men are no longer there. And even though I don’t ever want to go to see the Mud Men show, this news is making me a little sad.

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