A Schizophrenic’s To-Do List

I’m not making this up; this is really what I need to do in the next couple of days.

1. Remember Sharing Bag for preschool tomorrow!

2. Finish writing a debate between Saul and David, with student suggestions, for Sunday.

3. Finish writing smutty novella – make it lighter and fluffier! (But still with the bondage.)

4. Copy-edit applications for Limmud Chicago conference.

5. Draft e-mails for pros for Spring Fling conference.

6. Draft invite for New Year’s Day Brunch; fret about the perfect timing for sending said invite.

7. Fret about Sandy. Text family members 100 times. Remind self that their power is out and they can’t text back all the time. Fret some more.

Oh, and, #3 will probably be accomplished while sitting in the lounge of the synagogue where Zoe goes to preschool.


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