SYTYCD X – Meet the Top Twenty!

cat deeley

Erica: It’s the most wonderful time of the year! The time when Kate and I blog about SYTYCD! Are you excited?! We are!

Kate: Few things in television make me happier than this.

Erica: So today we’ll just be reviewing the dances we saw, not recapping the reveal of the Top Twenty. I watched the auditions only sporadically this year and have only dim ideas of who these people are.

Kate: Whereas I watched every single audition episode and thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it, especially because they had funny parents and cute children (yes, even I thought they were cute) dancing with the auditioners.

Erica: I usually love auditions; I’ve just been bouncing around so much, and when I do get to watch TV, it’s catching up on “Game of Thrones” and “Mad Men”. So let’s get this started!

Cat Deely’s outfit:

Erica: I mean, look. She’s tall and blonde and thin and gorgeous and seems genuinely nice. But. She was wearing a glittery jumper. That’s weird.

Kate: Yes, I am finally coming around to your idea that shorts as formal wear is, in fact, atrocious. Also, she wears too much makeup for being so tan. A tan is natural makeup, you know?

Fik-Shun and Mariah – Hip-hop: “Ball” by T.I. feat. Li’l Wayne; choreo by Luther Brown

Erica: So Luther Brown is the guy who choreographed the diaper pants dance for Witney and Twitch last season. I am still in favor of his choreo.

Kate: Already off to a bad start with the judges because I thought he blew her out of the water in this one. She looked cute and bouncy and hip-hoppy, but he was so much better.

Erica: I disagree; I thought she was better. Sharper and more swaggy. Though he’ll be good in NappyTabs routines. She does look like Miley Cyrus, though, right?

Kate: Didn’t notice because I was barely looking at her.

Makenzie, Tucker, Nico, and Jasmine 1 – Contemporary: “Goes On and On” by Sleeping At Last; choreo by Stacey Tookey

Erica: Zoe was the best one.

Kate: Isn’t she always?

Erica: She heard this song and decided she needed to dance to it. Four times. And she was really good! As expected, really. Who can flail melodramatically better than Zoe?

Kate: Not many people.

Erica: Anyway. Of this group I think Makenzie is standing out because she is absolutely gorgeous, and is also a born-and-raised show-biz kid, with the slightly sociopathic qualities that entails. I know I said we wouldn’t be commenting on this, but I especially liked when, while she was waiting to be called in, she claimed that she was going to cry, and then said she doesn’t really cry, and then when they called her she did her absolute best to approximate what a human might be feeling at this moment.

Kate: Yes, she’s very pretty, and I thought she was great in this. Better than the other girl, whose limbs kind of bother me.

Aaron, Alexis, and Curtis – Tap: “You Really Did It” by Jason Mraz; choreo by some dude whose name I couldn’t catch

Erica: Again, Zoe was the best one.

Kate: Wait, so who was the Emilio guy who dropped out of the top 20 allowing Aaron to be in the competition?

Erica: Was Emilio the guy who was supposed to be in the first hip-hop routine? If so, then yes.

Kate: Oh, poo, I am confused. Whatever, it’s just tap.

Erica: I will say, tap is usually a solo operation, but the choreo here was good and they stayed in sync with each other really well.

Kate: Yes, but I don’t like tap on this show. The taps are always competing with the music and vice versa.

Blueprint and Jade – “Animation”: “Trigger” by Kezwick feat. Mel Presson; choreo by Christopher Scott

Erica: I am impressed by Christopher Scott.

Kate: Yes, I don’t know if I liked him last year, but this was FANTASTIC.

Erica: I also kind of wonder if they put Jade in because you don’t say no to Mia Michaels, but actually Nigel is going to be gunning for the kid because of his height. And whichever girl gets paired with him is going to pretend REALLY, REALLY hard that it’s not a problem that he’s waltzing with her boobs. Okay. Now I’m hoping he gets paired with Makenzie.

Kate: But — and I don’t like agreeing with Mia Michaels — if a choreographer can’t work with a height difference, what are they doing on the show?!

Hayley, Malece, and Carlos – Contemporary: “Stay” by Rihanna feat. Mikky Ekko; choreo by Mia Michaels

Erica: See, Kate, you get on me because I often blame bad choreography for a bad dance rather than bad dancing, but here I’ll say that the choreo was great, and that the dancers – except, sometimes, for Malece – kind of failed it.

Kate: See, Erica, you are wrong. This was fab. u. lous.

Erica: Malese more frequently understood that Mia Michaels was looking for a sharpness matching the beat to the movement; the other two flowed when they should have jerked.

Kate: Nope, wrong, loved it.

Alan, Brittany, Jenna and Paul – Ballroom: “Wings” by Little Mix; choreo by Louis van Amstel

Erica: None of these people is from Utah. Or Russia. Right? That’s confusing.

Kate: Oh I didn’t like this, and I think it was the fault of choreography rather than the dancing. When I see ballroom I want to see CRAZY lifts and tricks, and this just had a lot of flipping fluffy skirts around. The little man ballroom dancer, though, is much better than the other 3.

Erica: Agreed. Choreo was boring. And when you’ve got four, you should be able to do something fun. Okay, I’m going to mix these two up with Hayley a lot. Hopefully we cull some taut, smiley brunettes early.

Amy and Jasmine 2 – Contemporary: “Enjoy” by Bjork; choreo by Sonya Tayeh

Erica: Amy, too. Going to mix her up with the others.

Kate: I missed this one 😦 Only caught the very end.

Erica: No one is emerging as a strong favorite for me so far, but Jasmine 2 comes the closest. Also, side note, is the talon the thing now in nail shape? Because I totes hate it.

Kate: It probably is in Sonya’s mind.

Top Ten Boys – “Sand” by Nathan Lanier feat. Karen Whipple; choreo by Christopher Scott

Erica: I continue to be impressed by Christopher Scott. This was gimmicky, with the little piles of sand they played with during a song called “Sand,” and “brilliant” in that undergrad performance art way, but also really cool.

Kate: Anch’io (that’s me too, in Italian). I loved this.

Top Ten Girls – Jazz: “Let’s Have a Kiki” by Fanny Pak & District 73; choreo by Ray Leeper

Erica: District 78! They’re back!

Kate: Naturalmente (that’s naturally, in Italian). But I did not love this. Chris Scott did a better job of showing off all the styles, where as stupid Leeper (I don’t think I like him?) only did jazz, which only one top ten girl can do. Right?

Erica: I dunno. I still don’t really understand what “jazz” is. I liked the outfits here. Mod by way of an expensive L.A. brothel. Cool.

Kate: And the dancing?!

Erica: Zoe was dancing, too, so I didn’t really pay attention to this one. It looked fun.

Top Twenty – “Ghosts of Sky (Epic Dub)” by Steel Lord; choreo by Sonya Tayeh

Erica: Sonya Tayeh is full-on apocalyptic this season, isn’t she?

Kate: When is she not? This was cool, but I didn’t like it as much as the boys’ routine.

Erica: You know what else is going to make me nuts this season? Everyone crossing their arms in an X to indicate that it’s Season 10. I mean, it’d be cute if they thought it was funny, but they seem to think it’s deeply meaningful. It’s annoying.

Kate: I didn’t even notice that!

Erica: Tune in next Tuesday at 8/7 central for the official start of the season 10 top 20 competition!



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