SYTYCD X – The Top 16 Perform


Group Number: “New World” by The Irrepressibles; choreo by Stacey Tookey and Peter Chu

Erica: So at first I thought this was another Sonja, what with the dystopian-ness and the flexed feet and sharp movements. Then it started to seem to Sonja-ish to be Sonja, so I’ve decided it’s Stacey Tookey trying her hand at something Sonja-ish.

Kate: I don’t know if it was Fox or my TV, but the sound was not on for the first half of this dance. Therefore, I don’t feel I got the full effect of it. It seemed nice, though.

Erica: I liked it very much. I thought it was really cool and really showed how talented this cast is. The dress flying off of Jasmine (no H anymore) really was a little cheesy, though.

Cat Deeley’s Outfit

Erica: This is a much more cas, Cali look, no?

Kate: This is my favorite outfit of hers so far this season. Like, I wouldn’t wear it, but I love it on her.

Erica: I thought her eye makeup looked overdone but her hair looked cute. As did Mary Murphy’s, though I like her better as a brunette.

Kate: No I liked her eye makeup a lot. And that is essentially how I want my hair to look every day, only in my color.

Erica: Carly Rae Jepsen proved to be exactly the kind of judge I expected her to be.

Kate: UGH! She was completely useless. No one knew why she was there.

Erica: Anyway, congrats on all the Emmy nods, dudes! Keep up the good work!

Kate: *Applause*

Erica: So, this week, Makenzie, Mariah and Jenna were the bottom three girls, and Curtis, BluPrint, and Alan were the bottom three boys. I am sad but not surprised to see Makenzie up there – because, like I said, not a lot of straight boys vote.

Kate: But she is so talented!

Erica: She is. But she is too beautiful and too aware of her own beauty to get teenage girls to vote for her.

Kate: Yeah, she might go home soon. Which is a shame.

Erica: So they apparently decided that a) calling it “dancing for your life” is f-ing stupid, so yay! and b) Jenna doesn’t have to do a solo because they saw solo last time. But Mariah also did a solo last time. So I don’t know. But then Cat seems to indicate that that means she’s safe from elimination, which wasn’t clear to me, really, but seems to play out in the end.

Kate: They MUST read this blog and make decisions immediately after. However, it made me mad that Jenna didn’t have to do a solo again.

Makenzie’s Solo: “Claire de Lune” by Laura Sullivan

Erica: She’s a beautiful girl who dances beautifully and keeps such a tight rein on her emotions, if she ever gets as famous as she wants to be, she’s going to be hell on wheels. I think I’ll make the thirty-year-old version of her a character in a romance novel some day.

Kate: I love this song!

Alan’s Solo: “Return of the King” by X-Ray Dog

Erica: Now, that’s a ballroom solo.

Kate: Now, that is CREEPY TO THE MAX!

Erica: He had performance, he had character, he had an actual dance. I wonder if it’s easier for men to do a ballroom solo than women because women are kind of props in the dance and depend a lot on lifts and such. Whereas men can just bring a cape and it’s like, same diff.

Kate: But, ew, I hated this. And I really don’t like him. Not only does he not connect to the audience at all, he creeps us out!

Erica: You just don’t like paso doble.

Curtis’s Solo: “Used To Love U” by John Legend

Erica: Fine.

Kate: Fine?! I really liked this! And I still really like him!

Erica: By “fine” I didn’t mean I hate it. I just meant that I don’t have anything interesting or humorous to say about it.

Mariah’s Solo: “Set It Off” by Kardinal Offishall feat. The Clipse

Erica: I liked this one slightly better than last week’s, as it seemed to be a little bit more of a dance than a series of poses, but not by much. And what was that spin in the beginning? Do crumpers frequently spin? Or was she just trying to show that she can do something different?

Kate: See I didn’t like this much. Although I like her and think she has great potential, she also sort of annoys me for acting too gangster. You know?

BluPrint’s Solo: “Illusion of Choice” by Gramatik

Erica: I feel like this song title should be the name of Jonathan Franzen’s next novel.

Kate: I don’t know who that is. BluPrint adequately displayed his talent in this piece, but he has yet to make more than two facial expressions on this show.

Erica: What do you mean, you don’t know who Jonathan Franzen is?

Alexis & Nico – Jive: “Mayhem” by Imelda May; choreo by Tony Meredith & Melanie LaPatin

Erica: So this week the kids are telling us a little something about themselves (they think) we don’t already know. And Alexis won Olympic medals? In . . . dance? They have dance in the Olympics?

Kate: Oh I thought she said figure skating?

Erica: Oh. Did she? I thought the choreography was great but they didn’t bring quite enough fun and the lifts looked super-labored. And then that lift that Mary pointed out, that you’re usually dropping the girl down, not rolling her up, didn’t the stunt people do something more complicated than that in rehearsal? It looked really unfinished.

Kate: I did not like this choreography at all, and they did a fairly horrible job at it. Very awkward connections and a serious lack of rhythm, I thought.

Erica: Loved the song, though.

Jenna & Tucker – Contemporary: “Hangin’ by a Thread” by Jann Arden; choreo by Travis Wall

Kate: When I saw the performance start and the song name/artist pop up on the bottom of the screen I thought, ‘Hm. That sounds familiar. It’s probably one of those sappy songs from one of those sappy shows I like. Like… Grey’s Anatomy. Or One Tree Hill. Or Dawson’s Creek…OH MY GOD THIS IS A SONG FROM AN EPISODE OF DAWSON’S CREEK!’

Erica: I kind of want to hate-watch Dawson’s Creek again with you. So Travis does this occasionally, where he’ll choose a concept and then use a song and do a staging bit that’s REALLY OBVIOUS and REALLY LITERAL and I’ll roll my eyes and be all cynical and then the dancers will start dancing and I will stop because oh my God. This is one of those times.

Kate: Yeah, well, a) he’s Travis, b) he has two great – if slightly annoying/boring – dancers to work with. BUT. I think they could have taken this concept and ran with it WITHOUT the red string things! They annoyed me thoroughly throughout the performance.

Erica: I do have to say, though, as a Jewish mother – they only got to practice with those straps today? Is that safe? Really? Because that doesn’t seem safe to me. Even if they weren’t actually supporting much weight.

Kate: They were leaning on them too much, literally and figuratively. It was a beautiful piece, but it truly did not need the prop.

Erica: Also, Jenna – you look EXACTLY like the kind of girl who bakes cupcakes.

Mariah & BluPrint – Jazz: “Fall Into the Sky” by Zedd & Lucky Date feat. Ellie Goulding; choreo by Brian Friedman

Erica: So I recognize Brian Friedman but only barely. He did this and this and this. (BTW, found some of those with the help of this site. Awesome, obsessive job, guys.) It appears his jazz, or contemporary, or whatever they call it that season, is always flavored by a lot of hip-hop. So you’d think Mariah and BluPrint could handle it!

Kate: I am currently reading the Percy Jackson series, so I got all psyched when they said “This dance is about a Greek goddess falling in love with a mortal man”. I was like, “Weeeeeeeee! Which goddess did they pick!? Aphrodite? Athena? Oh those silly gods always falling in love with mortals and producing half-god children! What a world!” And then they did that.

Erica: You know, right away when the judges started talking, it was like, if you didn’t know it already, they did. This was this couple’s swan song. All the judge’s comments were slightly modified versions of, “Thanks for playing!”

Kate: But it wasn’t just awful dancing, it was an AWFUL (and very non-Greek-goddess, might I add) song, it was NOT jazz, and the whole thing just felt so so wrong.

Erica: I know; I was so jazzed for the concept and then it was just terrible. And I loved it when Nigel was like, “Do you guys research the history of every style we give you?” A) Nigel, how much time are you giving them with an Internet hook-up, and B) What would they research when “jazz” can mean anything from “pretty much Broadway but we didn’t use a showtune” to “pretty much hip-hop”? In other words, blow it out your butt.


Malece & Alan – Hip-hop: “Bass Line” by Chris Brown; choreo by Dave Scott

Erica: Oh, are we using Chris Brown songs? Chris Brown songs in which he brags about how little he cares about our disapproval of him? Can I register my “Don’t do that” right now?

Kate: Oh, this made me so very uncomfortable.

Erica: So Malece? AWESOME. Just unbelievable. Damn, girl. I don’t even know. And the outfit was pretty cool.

Kate: So Malece? Did a GREAT job as a tiny little white ballerina doing hip-hop. She did! I’m not saying she didn’t! But it was hard to pay attention to her because I was just wincing at Alan the whole time. Also, I don’t like using certain types of rap and/or hip-hop songs for hip-hop choreography. Just because it’s categorized as rap or hip-hop doesn’t mean it makes a good dancing song.

Erica: His outfit? Well, he got the diaper pants. Memo to hip-hop choreographers/costume people – diaper pants? Not the new Hammer pants. Not the new saggy jeans. Simply a mistake. Even the judges all talked about how much they hated them. But you know what? He wasn’t great, but he was kind of better than BluPrint.

Kate: …No.

Erica: Oh, listen. Nigel is explaining about how to use urban slang! Tell us more about “swag,” please, Grandpa Nigel!

Hayley & Curtis – Contemporary: “Don’t Let Go Yet” by David J. Roth; choreo by Dee Caspary

Erica: First of all, FOX, would it kill you to chyron the choreographers like you used to? It took me WAY too long to find Dee Caspary’s name. (I eventually got it from these guys. Thanks, you guys!) So here’s some other stuff he’s done. I like him.

Kate: Poor Curtis.

Erica: I liked this a lot, and Hayley really impressed me for the first time. But again, my Jewish mother came out. How long did they have to practice with the ladder? And it was wobbly? You know, godforbid a dancer should fall and hurt him/herself and then actually have the balls to sue you guys.

Kate: It did look quite wobbly, and yes it was good but, again, I do not think we needed the prop. Can’t we create the illusion of this height and flying with nice leaps and turns and general flailing around?

Erica: They were pretty harsh on Curtis. If he doesn’t get the votes next week, he’s gone.

Kate: I know, which is a shame, because he has real potential. I didn’t even NOTICE that shoulder thing and it seems to have ruined Nigel’s life.


Kate: I know, I can’t believe Cat asked that question before the judges were even done judging!

Erica: Seriously, it was pretty adorable that Cat brought it up (although I am willing to accept the possibility that she is also drunk or high – her eyes were looking pretty red tonight. Although maybe that’s the eye make-up.) and that the judges got so interested. I was amused.

Kate: ‘Twas cute.

Amy & Fik-shun – Jazz: “Under the Bridge” from the Triplets of Belleville soundtrack; choreo by Tasty Oreo

Erica: Do they keep getting lucky every week or are they that good?


Erica: I thought the judges were a little overly nuts about it, but I did really like it. And I was getting tired. I didn’t start watching until after nine o’clock; I was dying my hair tonight.

Kate: I think it’s because everything else throughout the night was so surprisingly subpar, but this really wowed me, especially after I’ve been saying I don’t like the Broadway dances anymore. They were so in sync with each other and the music, had great facials and very sharp movements and really understood what they were doing up there. They may not be the two best dancers separately, but they are, in my humble opinion, the best couple.

Erica: But seriously, folks. I know that we are all excited about the royal baby. I know. But His Highness (is he His Highness yet? I know he’s already got some title or another, even if he doesn’t have a name) does not need to be brought into every conversation. He simply does not. And he most certainly will not be christened Fik-Shun, no matter how delightful the dancing was tonight.

Kate: I don’t know, Will and Kate are pretty progressive.

Makenzie & Paul – Hip-hop: “Pretty Lil’ Heart” by Robn Thicke feat Li’l Wayne; choreo by Dave Scott

Erica: So Cat announced that, after the break, we’d be seeing a hip-hop routine from Makenzie and Paul. Who were all done up ’20s style. And we’d been promised a quickstep earlier in the show. So I’m going, Is Cat REALLY high? They’re obviously dressed for a quickstep, not hip-hop. But no. It was hip-hop. ‘2os (Not ’30s; Nigel was right, Dave.) style. And you know what? It was pretty damn cool.

Kate: Hah, I didn’t even notice that. But I thought this was cool, this is the type of “hip-hop” routine you want to get when you are someone like Makenzie or Malece. And, um, hel-LO Paul! 😉

Erica: I am just going to go ahead and refuse to believe their pretense of a showmance, though. I mean, if Paul is straight, then I’m sure he’s attracted to Makenzie. But I don’t believe Makenzie allows herself to feel such plebeian things as “attraction,” unless she can use it to further her career.

Kate: I know they were all oohing and ahing over her sexiness, and she is fabulous, but I thought he really came into his own in this piece. He’s been fairly unnoticeable because of his stellar partner, but he really strut his stuff in this one and impressed me.

Jasmine & Aaron – The Dreaded Quickstep: “Pencil Full of Lead” by Paolo Nutini; choreo by Tony Meredith & Melanie LaPatin

Erica: So I totally noticed that his posture wasn’t perfect and their steps weren’t quick and sharp enough. But damn does she have legs.

Kate: Yeah, I can’t believe the judge/audience reaction to this, as I sort of hated it.

Erica: She also seems like, of all the contestants, the one I would most want to, like, have lunch with. She seems like a cool person.

Kate: Well who in their right mind put her in that kind of costume for a QUICKSTEP routine? It completely covered up her marvelous legs and kept getting in the way of all the quick stepping!!!!


Erica: Okay, so, no surprises here; Mariah and BluPrint were sent home. And Mariah was pretty weepy about it.

Kate: Yeah, I was wincing again. I wish Alan had been the one sent home, but I’m not going to cry about it.

Erica: And next week, I’m sure we’ll be saying good bye to Curtis (or maybe Alan, who knows?) and God willing Alexis? They seem determined to keep Jenna (and she deserves it this week) and I’d hate to see any of the other girls go just yet.

Kate: Fine.


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