SYTYCD Season X – Top 12 Perform


Opening Number – Bollywood: “Pandeyjee Seeti” from Dabangg 2 (Original Soundtrack); choreo by Nahul Dev Mahajan

Kate: Have they ever done a group Bollywood routine before?

Erica: No.

Kate: I don’t know if this works. It’s hard for me to tell if anyone is good at Bollywood when they are in a group setting.

Erica: See, I felt like it ought to have been better, because it was group, and it is my understanding that most Bollywood numbers in, like, actual Bollywood movies are in large groups but this didn’t feel…full enough? I don’t know.

Kate: Amy is CHEESING so hard. And, coming from a former cheerleader, she looks WAY to cheerleadery in this.

Erica: I got the sense that they were all directed to keep up cheerleader-esque smiles the whole time. And Amy is exceptionally good at that.

Cat’s Outfit

Kate: She looks like a 35-year-old doll.

Erica: That’s super-awful and weird.

Kate: I like the concept of the dress, but it’s a little too much for me.

Erica: I don’t even like the concept. I like the hair, though.

Kate: Again, that is how I want my hair to look every day.

Bottom 6

Kate: ANOTHER injury? This is getting ridiculous

Erica: Seriously. Are they working them harder this season or did they get a bunch of guys who aren’t so good at taking care of their injuries or what? Oh, and is Mary wearing body glitter?

Kate: I think it’s the latter.

Erica: I also want to be on the record as hating Kenny Ortega. I’m not sure why but I’m pretty sure I do.

Kate: Oh I like him – he is responsible for bringing Dirty Dancing into the world!

Erica: He’s pissed me off on this show before. Can’t put my finger on why.

Kate: Why do they constantly save Jenna? There is a REASON she is constantly in the bottom, “judges”!


Tucker’s Solo: “Maestro” from “The Holiday” (Original Soundtrack)

Kate: Wait, he’s injured but can do a solo? How does that work?

Erica: I think the situation was, he was too injured during the week to rehearse, but the knee is better tonight.

Kate: He does look unsteady on that knee.

Erica: Really? I thought it was miraculous that he could do what he did on a bad knee at all. Then again, it was infected, not sprained or something.

Amy’s Solo: “Je Suis Malade” by Lara Fabian

Kate: My viewing partner said she always looks unbalanced and ungraceful – I didn’t think that before, but in this solo…Yeah, she kinda does.

Erica: Maybe she’s not a good choreographer.

Kate: I still like her a lot, but she kind of thumped around unsteadily here. Not good for the decision later in the show.

Malece’s Solo: “Patient Love” by Passenger

Kate: Um, red is SO her color!

Erica: I know this has nothing to do with anything but I really like the song.

Kate: She is very talented. I’m not sure why she is in the bottom?

Erica: Me neither. This solo was great. It was better than Amy’s. But both of them should still be in the competition; Jenna should be out. What is wrong with you, America? And what is wrong with you, judges?

Alan’s Solo: “Mas Que Nada” by Sergio Mendes Feat. The Black Eyed Peas

Kate: Ew.

Erica: I don’t know what your problem is.

Kate: He is SHIMMYING. He’s a guy, shimmying! Not ok! So CREEPY I can’t stand it!

Erica: He’s a ballroom dancer! They shimmy. Don’t be so gender essentialist about it.

Kate: Also, he is kind of a lesser version of Mario Lopez.

Erica: Can Mario Lopez dance?

Kate: I mean in terms of appearance.

Hayley & Nico – Broadway: “Kiss of the Spider Woman” by Jeffrey Huard & Chita Rivera (Kiss of the Spider Woman – Cast Recording); choreo by Sean Cheesman

Erica: One thing I learned about Hayley is that she’s much cuter without the thick eyeliner and over-plucked brows.

Kate: I have never heard of this song or this show, so it doesn’t count as Broadway.

Erica: Oh, Kate. Kiss of the Spider Woman is kind of a big show. Vanessa Williams was in it last time it was revived.

Kate: So it started off a little weird for me, but it got better as it went on.

Erica: I thought it was quite good. I have been lukewarm about Hayley – and positively cold on Sean Cheesman – but I really liked this.

Kate: I think she is very talented, but I was hoping for more from the two of them as a pair. Lots of super cool lifts, though.

Erica: Super cool. That one where he just flipped her over his shoulder with his leg straight: Amaze. And their character work was great, too. I’d not seen that from Nico before, I don’t think.

Kate: That’s the lift to which I was referring.

Erica: I do think we need to maybe start some sort of group therapy for some of the SYTYCD choreographers. Get into their thing about women and their evil sexuality.

Kate: Here we go.

Erica: Also – how much do I hate it when Nigel is all, “That could almost be on the actual stage!”? Like, first of all, what are they standing on, a raft? That’s a stage. They’re entertaining millions. This is it. Second of all, these dancers are looking for professional dancing careers on actual stages. They’re not second-graders. Or me. It’s condescending, not complimentary, to be amazed that they’re almost there.

Malece & Alan – Jazz: “Come Dance With Me” by Michael Buble; choreo by Mandy Moore

Kate: Yayyyy Mandy Moore is back!

Erica: Bring on the cheese!

Kate: So, ignoring Malece’s Audrey Hepburn comment, I liked this surprisingly a lot. It was fun and they did well with it.

Erica: I must say, if I were dance instructor, I would have a film portion of the class where they have to watch, like, Gene Kelly, and Bob Fosse, and what not. But the routine was adorbs. Malece was a little dream boat. What is wrong with you, America?!

Kate: I even thought the judges were a little harsh on them. But I agree they did not connect well, probably because she too is extremely creeped out by Alan.

Erica: He doesn’t seem…I don’t know, I’m not creeped out by him like you are, but I feel like that’s a consistent problem with him. His solos, I think, are always good, but his partner work is never quite as good. Which is weird in a ballroom dancer. But the judges were being WAY harsh which makes me think that they’re setting up justification for bumping her and not their darling Amy. WHEN IT REALLY SHOULD BE JENNA, YOU FOOLS!!!!

Jenna & Not-Tucker – Paso Doble: “He’s A Pirate (Ship ahoy Tribal Remix)” by Chris Joss & Klaus Badelt; choreo by Jean Marc Genereux

Kate: Ok, the little clip before the dance was WAY too much for me. I hate the Pirates movies, and I didn’t need all that “omg Pirates!” crap from Jenna, whom I don’t think should even be there, and Jean Marc, who creeps me out almost as much as Alan does.

Erica: I’m thinking that they actually do read this blog and listen, because last time I complained about how I hadn’t see a Paso in a pretty skirt in a while, and look here! Skirt!

Kate: Oh look, a perfect opportunity for us to show the Alex and Twitch dance!

Erica: Weird to choose him for this dance. He’s not a ballroom guy, and they have all-start ballroom guys around. Right?

Kate:  Yes, it’s interesting that Alex stepped in as the all-star to save the day but had never done Paso Doble, or even ballroom, before this.

Erica: Where’s Pasha?!

Kate: I think this theme would have worked better as not a Paso Doble, but I liked it more than the usual Paso Dobles with all the male violence and swooshing capes.

Erica: See, I think it’s the perfect theme for the Paso, but I didn’t think this particular Paso was that good. What are they seeing in Jenna that I’m not seeing? You know what? Wondering why the judges love Jenna when I’m seeing mediocre (for this show) dancing is leading my brain to very bad places so I’m just not.

Makenzie & Paul – Contemporary: “The Edge of Glory (Live From ‘A Very Gaga Thanksgiving’)” by Lady Gaga; choreo by Mandy Moore

Kate: A very Gaga Thanksgiving? Really?

Erica: I really enjoyed Makenzie knowing how TV worked, prompting the editors to find footage of Paul. And then Paul pretending, for her sake, that she ever doesn’t look beautiful.

Kate: I was hoping for a really great sappy Grey’s Anatomy-type song when I heard the theme of the dance, but whatever.

Erica: Really? I was expecting “Leader of the Pack.” I like this version of the song but I also like the original.

Kate: I truly love that moment in contemporary dances when the pair breaks apart and dances together but not as partners (example: Robert & Allison’s “Fix You” dance). The kicks and leaps and turns always look so perfect and give me chills upon chills.

Erica: These two are just…sigh. I mean, I know I make fun of her a lot, but when shes dancing, she is just perfection. And he is really quite unbelievably wonderful, too. And also I love Mandy Moore.

Kate: Anyway, this was wonderful but not any more wonderful than anything they’ve done before. She is so gorgeous it’s not even fair.

Erica: Nigel: “I can’t wait for next week, Paul, when you get an all-star and there’s a shot in hell I’ll look at you. For right now I haven’t even realized you’re on stage because have you SEEN Makenzie?”

Amy & Fik-Shun – Viennese Waltz: “A Thousand Years, Pt. 2” by Christina Perri feat. Steve Kazee; choreo by Jean Marc Genereux

Kate: Um, they look lovely! And kind of in love? How do you like that for “different characters”!?

Erica: They’ve always played themselves. This was themselves, slow and sweet. It was fine, but not super-remarkable to me. And I hated her dress. But of course they’ll tongue bathe them a little to justify saving Amy. I did like what Kenny Ortega said about Fik-Shun – he would figure out how to fly if it was required of him.

Kate: I did not see so many technical things wrong, judges. I think they moved beautifully together and had great frames and hit all their connections. The dance looked very effortless to me – I mean, shoot, he lifted her with one arm!

Erica: OH, MY GOD, CAT, LET’S NOT HOPE THEY END UP UNDEAD AND CREEPY LIKE BELLA AND EDWARD HOLY LORD. Also Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson never, for one second, actually dated.

Kate: Eh? I didn’t catch the Twilight reference, I guess, but we all know how I feel about that.

Erica: Oh, wait, what did I say? I said I hated it when the judges mentioned having seen a dress rehearsal. And tonight Nigel just says he saw Fik-Shun’s bad arms in the video instead of saying anything about rehearsals. THEY ARE TOTALLY READING US.

Jasmine & Aaron: Hip-Hop: “Gold Rush” by Clinton Sparks Feat. 2 Chainz, Macklemore & D.A.; choreo by NappyTabs

Kate: It’s not FAIR that THESE TWO got NappyTabs.

Erica: NappyTabs crack me up. Stage coach robber and gold digger. Of course.

Kate: It would have been such a great routine with a different couple – Amy and Fik-Shun, to be specific. Jasmine and Aaron did OK, but they got really lazy in some parts and just didn’t hit everything the way NappyTabs moves are supposed to be hit. I don’t care that it’s harder for you because you’re tall and long, Aaron, you work at it.

Erica: They were just a tiny bit lazy, I agree. They seemed like they were dancing in the middle of the dance floor at a party, not doing a professionally choreographed dance on stage. But her hips did some crazy things. And I really liked the routine.

Top 6 (but really 5) Boys – Hip-Hop: “It’s A Man’s Man’s World” by Joshua Ledett (American Idol contestant); choreo by NappyTabs

Kate: I would like to see the WHOLE group do a NappyTabs hip-hop routine, but I’ll settle for just the guys, I guess.

Erica: I’m sure you’ll see it at some point.

Kate: It was actually kind of weird seeing a group of guys dance to this, because I feel like they’ve used this song on this show for, like, girl power routines a lot.

Erica: I loathe this song. So much. Good and fun routine but God I hate this song. And it doesn’t make any sense as a girl power routine, either.

Top 6 Girls – Contemporary: “Young and Beautiful (DH Orchestral Version)” by Lana Del Rey; choreo by Stacey Tookey

Kate: Wow.

Erica: Beautiful routine. Hideous outfits.

Kate: Cheerleader stunts! I see cheerleader stunts!

Erica: Did you not think it was hilarious that there was the theme of aging starlets being performed by the very young contestants on a reality show? Did you not think it simply bent the whole concept of irony on its ear?

Kate: Cheerleader stunts!


Kate: I’m shocked!

Erica: I’m not.

Kate: I really thought they’d send Amy home; I was under the impression that they looooved Malece. She is so So You Think You Can Dance!

Erica: They’ve always had it in for her. Been more critical than I thought was fair. And Amy has been their darling from the beginning. BUT IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN JENNA, PEOPLE! IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN JENNA! Seriously. This is some bullsh!t. Jenna, you’re on my list. And judges…WTF, judges? Just, WTF?

Kate: So happy about Alan, though. Bye creeper!


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