So, the coolest thing happened. This lady tweeted about me and now all these new people are reading my blog and !!!!!

Welcome, new readers!

And I’m really sorry I haven’t done more West Wing recaps and I’ll get back on that momentarily!

But, first – I gotta cover the Met Gala with my sister. So, I’m sorry, those of you who came to my site hoping for trenchant feminist analysis. You will instead find me criticizing women’s fashion choices. I know, I know. I’m a hypocrite. But listen, if men had interesting clothing, or if I understood anything about it, I’d criticize that, too. And yes, I KNOW that the situation in which women’s clothing is “interesting” and attractive in the sense that it attracts attention, and men can look “boring” instead IS ITSELF a form of male privilege. But . . . I like looking at pretty dresses, okay? So, Met Gala today or tomorrow. Feminist analysis of West Wing shortly thereafter. And thanks for reading!


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