A Conversation with My Brother on a Potential Trip to the Berkshires this Summer

So my brother Evan and I were talking about some potential Berkshires traveling for this summer. He kind of wants to go up with friends; I kind of want to go up with my dad; it’s unclear to us whether or not this is all going to happen together. 
Evan: you and dad joining in on this venture is not necessarily a bad thing, mind you. you guys know the area and the cool things to do better, i was just also looking forward to hanging out with friends
Me: Here’s what there is to do in the Berkshires, as best as I can tell –
1) Purchase wine and cheese at overpriced but delicious markets.
Evan: yesssss
Me: 2) Bring them to Tanglewood along with a deck of cards, a backgammon board, a book, and all of the crossword puzzles you can get your hands on. Also a blanket and some chairs and a shit-ton of bug spray.
3) Lie on the lawn at Tanglewood eating cheese and drinking wine and napping and expressing the intention, any moment now, of reading your book/playing backgammon.
4) Find the potty at Tanglewood.
5) Go home and having a glass of wine on your deck.
6) Walk to town for some delicious gourmet pizza, some homemade ice cream, and some tchotchkes.
Evan: this is all i could ask for and more
Me: 7) Go back home and having another glass of wine on your deck.
8) Go to sleep
9) Wake up early with EVERY INTENTION of taking a brisk, invigorating walk through some woods somewhere.
10) Get distracted by the pastries someone brought home from the delicious but overpriced market. Eat those while doing some crossword puzzles.
11) Have a glass of wine while plotting strategy regarding Tanglewood and parking.
Evan: im noticing a lot of wine involved
Me: Yes.
That is a theme at Tanglewood.
or, with Dad and Kay, gin and tonics.
But only in the home setting. We don’t bring G&Ts to Tanglewood.
Evan: can wine be replaced by seasonal microbrews?
Me: “Replaced”? No.
“Supplemented”? Yes.
Evan: (at same time) supplemented with?
oh perfect, same wavelength
well isnt that lovely
so what you’re saying is the berkshires is basically the closest humans have gotten to the garden of eden
Me: Yes.
Can I edit this conversation and put it up on my blog?
Evan: of course
Me: Thanks.
Evan: no problem. will this part be included?
cuz now i kinda want it to be
Me: . . . no.
Evan: but…but think of the meta!
Me: I am.
And I am considering it.
Evan: huzzah!