As Long as I’m Here

I thought I’d share a funny story I heard last week from one of my classmates. He was getting a haircut, and the hair person was I guess a fairly intense Christian. She was asking about his classes, and he told her he was in Introduction to the Hebrew Bible (which I am in as well). The hair person asked if the class was mixed faith and he said yes, mentioning he had a friend in the class (me) who was Jewish. She asked if I had ever taken a class on the New Testament.* When he confirmed that I had, she said, eyes wide with wonder, “And she wasn’t converted? How could that be?”

*Do we still call it the New Testament if we don’t call it the Old Testament anymore? Do we call it the Latin Bible? Or the Christian Bible? I don’t know. Even that would be complicated, because Protestants and Catholics put the books in a different order. I think.


Bush has apparently said that the war in Iraq, in the history books, will be a comma. A lot of people are very upset by this. I am not. Know why?

I don’t know what the fuck he means.

You know how sometimes you’ll be watching a sci-fi movie or something, and you know something’s gone haywire when the robot character starts inserting random words into sentences? I’m trying to remember if Data ever did this, and I’m sure he did, but I can’t think of the specific incident. But Tock (or possibly Tick-Tock) does it in Return to Oz and that’s how they know they have to wind him back up. Well, that’s what this sentence seems like to me. Like Bush needs to wind himself back up.

Especially since I’m not convinced Bush knows what a comma is.