More Zoe Cuteness

1. She now sings “Summer Nights” from Grease, which she refers to as “Tell Me More,” but the best part is, she does the male vs. female voices. She goes up high (to the extent that a person with such a naturally high voice can) for the girls’ parts and then down low, with her lips all smushed up, for the boys’ parts.

2. She has added “Show you” to her “Come here” and hand gesture.
3. Whenever I ask her, “What did you do today?”, no matter what we actually did, she says, “Ani, Akes (Alex), and Vanessa.” Ani and Alex are her buddies and Vanessa is their mommy – my buddy. Yesterday, she also started talking about Ani’s face-painting – which in fact happened over a month ago, but was very traumatizing for Zoe. She mentioned that Ani (who is older than Zoe; she just turned four) got her face painted, that they looked at it in the mirror, that it was flowers, and that it hurt Ani. I have been trying to convince her for this entire month that it did not, in fact, hurt Ani, and that Ani wanted her face to be painted, but I don’t think I’m getting anywhere.
4. She calls (and has called for many months now) her magna-doodle-thing her “idea.” Which is a good name for it.
5. She’s full of complimentary speech lately. When Jason finishes vacuuming, she says, “Good job, Daddy,” or “Nice job cleaning.” She also tells me I’ve done a good job of various things – putting on her diaper, preparing her Cheerios and milk. She follows up suggested (by me or her) activities with “That’d be fun,” or “Let’s do that.” When she mentions seeing Daddy, she always includes the phrase, “So happy to see you.”
6. When she was missing Daddy the last few days, she spoke about sharing a pop with him. “We’ll see Daddy tomorrow, Zoe.” “See him? Share pop? Share green pop with Daddy?”
7. She played Curious George games on the computer with her Zeyda on Monday, and then on Wednesday, asked to play again. “Play Zeyda? Curious George on computer? Play nicely?” She also observed that Esmerelda and Quasimodo on the cover of her Hunchback of Notre Dame book were “sharing nicely.”
8. She identified a coloring book picture of Esmerelda as me. 🙂 She also, about a month or so ago, identified the picture of Snow White on the cover of a coloring book as Grandma Lisa.
9. She LOVES the over-the-top girly things that her grandfather and her Zii Tara (her Zii Tara who chose Zii because it felt more gender-neutral) buy her.
10. She continues to say of various clothing items, “Oh, cute,” and “Beau-ful dress!” She and I shared an Elle magazine today; quite a momentous occasion. She expressed extremely strong opinions on various items of clothing, good and bad, and not always but sometimes in agreement with my opinions. (In other words, she was neither agreeing with me blindly nor just saying “No” for the sake of it.) She also pointed to a drawing of a woman in a hair ad and said, “Beau-ful woman.”
10a. Aunt Kate tells me that when she had Zoe helping her pick out an outfit for work, Zoe rejected a skirt of hers that I, also, do not like.
11. She does say “No” a lot now, in this very dramatic fashion, a very long, “Noooo!” with her head bent forward and her lips in a big pout.
12. When she likes something you’ve suggested, she says, “Oh, yeeeeaaaaah,” or “Ummmmmmm . . . . sure!”
13. All the dancing and jumping she does is so damn cute I can’t even explain.
14. She says, “Good girl” to dogs (even male dogs) and humans.
15. Friday night, when we got in to Newark at 1:30 in the morning, she was asleep on my shoulder. When we tried to put her in the car seat, she wailed and wailed and wailed for about five minutes, and then suddenly looked up and said, “I see moon?” Then she jabbered happily for the whole way home about the moon and other things she could see. (Then she jumped on the beds when we got home, and stayed up until 3-f-ing-30 in the morning. Which means so did I. One day, I’ll be sad when all she does is sleep all day and not hang out with me, right?)
16. This is a little sweet and a little sad – a few times this weekend, she’s thrown absolute fits at being put in the car. When I finally get her in, I put my hand on her cheek to comfort her. This is having an increasingly quick effect. She even sometimes holds my hand there, to keep it in place. The first time I noticed she really liked it was when I did try to take my hand away, and she grabbed it and put it back. Then I noticed when she got nervous on the Ferris wheel on Saturday (she does not really like rides yet) that she was holding her own hand to her cheek to comfort herself.
17. She’s using the words “gibbous” and “crescent” to describe the moon. Not always accurately, but still, that’s awesome.
18. When we disagree on a point – like whether the moon is gibbous or crescent, or whether the shirt is orange or purple, or whether Sparky is a boy or a girl, she is quite adamant in her opinions and does not back down. You say willful and stubborn, I say strong-minded and confident.
19. She LOVED her first sight of the ocean. She was cautious at first, but very, very interested, and soon was having a ball, splashing around, pointing at the waves and shouting, “You! You! You!” and being tossed up and down over the waves by her Aunt Kate. Also she enjoyed throwing sand on her Aunt Kate.
20. I knew she was a Jersey girl at heart – she ate better pizza in Ocean City than I’ve ever seen her eat anything before, and she was very eager for it even before she got her share. Also, she has a shirt that says “Jersey Girls don’t pump gas!” and she insisted on keeping her “Jersey Girl” shirt on for quite a while. (She also insisted on keeping this casino bead necklace on much of the last few days.)
21. For a not-yet-two-year-old, she’s really doing well with “Please,” “Thank you” (or “Thanks”) and “Your welcome.” I think I’ve even heard an “Excuse me.”
22. Of course she’s got the concept of “My turn!” and “For Zoe!” pretty down, too. And she’s started being picky about what foods are in what location on her plate.
23. Even when she’s watching a movie or something, she looks so intent and interested. I rarely see that slack-jawed absorbing-mindless-media look in her face; she’s always studying, responding, and commenting on what she sees.
I could go on all night. What am I supposed to do? She is the cutest, sweetest, smartest, most awesome baby ever.

Zoe Went Peepee in the Potty!

She’s such a big girl!

Now, some will accuse me of trying to claim that she’s potty-trained now at 22 months old. No such thing. Also, some will be expecting me to really push potty-training on her now. Also not happening.

The truth is, I really wasn’t expecting this. She’s always been “interested” in the potty and so we bought a potty chair and a potty insert. She prefers the insert so she can sit in the same place Mommy sits; the potty chair I think she just considers a regular chair. So especially lately, she’s been very insistent on sitting on the potty insert and the truth is that I hate this activity because it means I have to sit on the floor in the bathroom for up to half an hour (at which point I lose patience and drag her out, as I did this afternoon) and it’s not pleasant or comfortable but I can’t leave her because a) she might fall, and b) she definitely will pull out all of the toilet paper and shove it in the toilet. So tonight she made a stinky and I went to change her and once she was clean, she asked to sit on the potty. So I let her. And lo and behold, not five minutes later – PEEPEE!

So now I will make these unpleasant trips to the bathroom more frequently to give her lots more opportunities. But we’re not officially “potty-training” yet.

Want more cute Zoe things? How about these:

– She lies back on the couch arm and demands kissing. Best. Game. Ever!
– She puts my hands on her cheeks and says, “So happy!”
– She has started wishing us “Congratulations” all the time.
– Today at Old Navy, she chatted with the mannequins, hugged the toddler-sized mannequin, tried to touch the “daddy” mannequin, petted the doggie mannequin, and danced to the music in the store. So cute.
– She takes my books and “reads” them, repeating “ajah book” as she does so and then sometimes making up what the book says and reading it in a very “story-telling” kind of voice.
– She gives me this big grin and says, “Precious!”

In general, she continues to be the most awesome creature ever.


Well, it’s finally happened. My own coming-of-age years are now retro fashion. I’m not even thirty! And yet, as we all know, the famous “It’s a dress!” “Says who?” “Calvin Klein.” “It looks like underwear. Go put something on over it.” “Duh, I was just going to!” dress from Clueless is being reissued by Calvin Klein. And this month’s Elle features fashion inspired by Kurt Cobain & Courtney Love, Empire Records, and Reality Bites. On the one hand, I feel very, very old. On the other hand – I can wear flannel shirts and Doc Martens this winter, right? This can’t be one of those “If you were the right age for the trend the first time, you’re too old the second time” things, because it’s the opposite of revealing. Right? It’s entirely possible I still HAVE my Doc Martens.